Blog Posts 2018


Your Eyes and Nutrition
Beauty Comes from the Inside
Contamination in Cosmetics
Foot Care & Your Health
Low Sodium Foods to Promote Heart Health
Heart-Healthy Foods to Prolong Your Life
Whole Grains & High Fiber
Keep Your Heart Healthy
Do you Get Enough Calcium?
Do you get enough Folic Acid?
• Sunshine in a bottle: Vitamin D3
• Another powerful reason to avoid drinking diet sodas
• Pancakes can be a powerhouse
• Do you need to add vitamin D and calcium to your diet?
• Should you be gluten-free?
• Are you putting your health at risk?A perfect pose
• Blood pressure medication recall


Household Items Can Be Dangerous
• What you should know if you use bleach
• It’s time to talk about dishwashing
• 81 Percent of Dollar Store Products Tested Contain Chemicals Linked To Learning Disabilities, Cancer and Serious Illnesses
• Are you at risk for harmful toxins in your home?
• Diseases caused by household products worse than smoking
• Arsenic, Lead Found in Popular Protein Supplements
•  It’s never been more clear: Spraying a toxic chemical around your house is breathtakingly dangerous!Safer, cleaner homes
What disinfectant do you use?
What is your go-to emergency repair kit?


I am an Entrepreneur.
Appointment Setters Wanted
Helping Others Helps You
Growth In E-Commerce Fuels  
Sam’s Closings
• Facing Fear
• Lessons to learn from water
• Something to think about
• Stuck in your comfort zone?
• Cyber Monday
• Getting ready for winter
• Wow! In 1935, Einstein’s ‘action is 
• Happy Saturday! So, Get up! Get out!
• Thoughtful Thursday: An elephant 

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