Green Living

In 2003, while working with a wellness company client, we began to understand the toxic materials used in everyday products and their negative side effects and became convinced of the benefits of living a lifestyle that included natural-based products in recyclable and reusable packaging. We slowly converted our household to a “green home” and started only using natural, toxic-free cleaning agents; lotions, soaps and cosmetics; nutrition supplements; and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals.

Today, we are committed to offering individuals, families and businesses affordable green living products:
• from the cleaning agents you use in your home or business;
• to the lotions, soaps and cosmetics you use on your skin; and
• to nutrition supplements you ingest.

Today, Hayseeds Creative is a dynamic, business providing a gateway for you or your business to purchase affordable green products through a large international wellness company—with more than 500,000 customers — at affordable prices.

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Living a healthy lifestyle. Caring for the environment