Blog Posts 2019


• Getting into shape for the new yearCold & flu season tips

The Three C’s of Life:

• Gin & Tonic Can Prevent Wintertime Colds?

• Elevating Vitality

• It’s cold, flu and respiratory ailment season

• Swimming may slow down aging by decades

• Children’s nutrition and health

• Do you use Essential Oils?

• Living longer with coffee?

• Winter Skin Relief

• So what are good carbs?

• Battling SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

• Something to ponder:

Grandma was right


Do you know where your milk comes from? 

• Getting on the wellness bandwagon

• Safer household products

• Do you clean refrigerator coils?

• Testing smoke detectors

Are you putting your health at risk?

• Do you have a nighttime sleep routine?

• Non-toxic stain removal story

• Early Puberty Mystery Linked to Family Exposure to Household Chemicals


• Oh to be healthy, wealthy and wise!

• National Clean off Your Desk Day

• Something to ponder:

• Creating A Team Culture

• Inspiration vs. Motivation

• Why become the CEO of your own health?

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