The Community YMCA

Promoting Youth Development, Healthy Living and  Social Responsibility

The Annual Campaign Benefit








Each year the Y runs an Annual Campaign to raise funds for The Y Cares Initiative which creates a lasting impact on the people of Monmouth County. There are Invitations, collateral materials and ad journals created for the annual gala fundraiser for The Community YMCA.

Family Health & Wellness

2236-FHW-2015-Fall Guide FINAL-1






The Red Bank Family Health & Wellness Facility produced Seasonal Program Guides. Each seasonal guide ( Wnter 1 & 2, spring 1 & 2, Summer and Fall 1 & 2) featured all of the classes and social programs offered by the Red Bank Y.

Counseling & Social Services

2356-CSS-Program Guide-2016-FINAL4.19-1







The Y’s Counseling & Social Services group has been strengthening children, teens and adults living with depression, substance abuse and many other difficult situations since 1970. This 24-page guide presents all of the programs offered throughout Monmouth County by The Community YMCA. responsible for all content and design.

Camp Zehnder

2277- CZA - ZEHNDER Fall-Winter Guide 2015-2016-8-13-1






Camp Zehnder’s Year-Round Program Guide was a Direct mail oversized tri-fold listing all of the programs and classes available to consumers throughout the year—from swimming “under the bubble” to swim lessons, swim teams, group exercise classes and arts & crafts.

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