The dangers of household bleach

If your household is one of the plethora of homes that use chlorine bleach as a disinfectant and cleaning agent, you may want to read this article and rethink your choices. Chlorine bleach is downright dangerous, especially to children.

The creation of chlorine bleach is actually caused by an electric shock and simply reading the disclosures on the bottle is shocking, too. Any products (including the bleach itself) that contain bleach can produce toxic effects. Ammonia mixes with bleach to create a “deadly” gas. In your toilet bowl bleach can mix with urine and have the same effect (remember urine contains ammonia). In the confinement of your toilet those fumes can concentrate and cause you, and your family, harm.

I can give you access to an entire suite of cleaning and disinfecting products that are chlorine bleach free and actually do a better job than what you are currently using among them is even a toilet bowl cleaner that will leave the bowl clean and fresh and remove the risk. The next time you reach for that chlorine bleach bottle, reach for the phone instead and ask me how you can obtain these safer (and affordable) alternatives.

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