Relaxation Support

The antidote to your busy day:
Proper rest has been linked to optimal immune function, metabolism, memory, learning, and other vital functions. But we live in a fast-paced world. Deadlines, multi-tasking, and worries can make getting the true rest you need difficult if not impossible. In fact a December 2013 Gallup study found that 40% of adults are not getting the recommended amount of sleep each night. That’s why Melaleuca created RestEZ. Unlike traditional “sleep aids” that can be harsh or even habit forming, RestEZ is a gentle approach that helps your body achieve more natural, healthy sleep patterns.

Sleep better. Awake Refreshed.
There is nothing like a good night’s sleep to help you feel refreshed, recharged and ready to take on the day. That’s the sensation RestEZ was created to provide—every day. A proprietary blend of ingredients, RestEZ helps gently relax both body and mind so you can establish more natural, healthy sleep patterns.

The gentle ingredients in RestEZ help you
• Start falling asleep faster
• Sleep better
• Wake up refreshed
• Establish more natural sleep patterns
• Because sleep patterns differ from individual to individual, you will experience maximum results within two or three weeks of continuous use.

The best ingredients for sleep the way nature intended.
The proprietary RestEZ formula uses an exclusive blend on non-habit-forming ingredients to help you gently and naturally relax and experience healthy sleep. Each ingredient was chosen for its proven history of effectiveness, and then blended at proprietary levels to provide maximum benefit.
L-Theanine is an amino acid commonly found in green tea. It has been shown to help reduce mental and physical stress by increasing alpha brain activity and increasing dopamine release.*
Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland that helps control your sleep and wake cycles. Small amounts of it can be found some grains, fruits, and vegetables.
Chamomile flower
Chamomile contains flavonoid that has been shown to help reduce stress and promote relaxation and sleep.*
Valerian root
Valerian root has been used since the Middle Ages as a soothing agent for occasional sleeplessness. Studies have shown its effectiveness in helping attain restful sleep*
Passion flower
Passion flower is a perennial vine that is known to help relieve edginess and nervous tension*
The yellow scales of the hops cone are known to have a calming effect; pillows stuffed with hops have been used for centuries to promote sleep*
Spearmint has been used for its calming effects when used to promote sleep.

How do you use RestEZ?
RestEZ uses a blend of natural ingredients to help gently regulate your sleeping patterns over time. For best results, take RestEZ daily with your evening meal or at least an hour before bedtime.

Because everyone’s sleep patterns are different, you will experience maximum benefits within 2–3 weeks of continuous use.

Benefits of magnesium

I have a lot to do today! Classes, interviews, rowing, and the usual work and errands.
I’m usually pretty easy going and I go with the flow.  But today II think I need a little extra help.
Did you know that nearly 50% of the US population is deficient in magnesium?
Did you know that low magnesium means you don’t absorb Vitamin D as well?

Those are just two of the reasons why we all need Magnesium.
You know how when you feel stressed, your muscles become tense? This is because your nervous system releases hormones and then your heart pounds faster, along with faster breathing patterns. Magnesium relieves muscle tension, which has a dramatic impact on the level of stress you feel. As an asthmatic, magnesium helps reduce asthma symptoms and helps to keep attacks at bay. Another benefit of magnesium is that it helps with calcium absorption.

How do I easily add magnesium to my diet? I discovered  this yummy product called Melaout, I just mix it with water and have a glass, This fun drink is like taking a deep breath and then letting it out slowly to relax, Then I will do all the things that need to be done today! Cheers.

Junk food promotes hunger and overeating

Sugar-rich diets generate excessive reward signals in your brain that can override normal self-control mechanisms and lead to addiction and overeating.
Research found a single week of bingeing on fast foods impaired appetite control, making the volunteers more likely to desire more junk food, even if they’d just eaten.

May be an image of food

To learn more about overeating and junk food click on the link below…/19/junk-food-addiction.aspx

Take care when using national disinfectants

Diligent nursery workers did not realize they were using a toxic disinfectant (most are!). Sol U Guard is the world’s first all natural, totally safe, highly effective household disinfectant. And the FDA agrees it will take care of the uglies at home that you are concerned about when used as directed.

Truth: national cleaners are harmful over time to your health.

Microplastics found in human blood

“The scientists analysed blood samples from 22 anonymous donors, all healthy adults and found plastic particles in 17. Half the samples contained PET plastic, which is commonly used in drinks bottles, while a third contained polystyrene, used for packaging food and other products. A quarter of the blood samples contained polyethylene, from which plastic carrier bags are made.”
He said previous work had shown that microplastics were 10 times higher in the faeces of babies compared with adults and that babies fed with plastic bottles are swallowing millions of microplastic particles a day.”

This article from The Guardian explains it far better than we can.

Microplastics found in human blood for first time

One small decision…

My “wish I would find time to do…” list has been too long. Each item is a little black cloud floating over my head waiting to be done. Recently, I began to act on one of those pesky items out of need. The need? My immune system needs me to breathe fresh air daily to support my immune defense against allergens, of al sorts. The decision was to stop work at 3:00 p.m and sit on my lanai with the dog running in the yard for at least 15 – 30 minutes.
That bit of time allowed me to check off several things on that long “to do” list .
I have used my outdoor seating area more in the last few weeks than I have since I I first purchased it five years ago.
That’a sad truth.
These minutes have given me time to enjoy a daily relaxing smoothie. Plus, 15 minutes of reading time has me caught up on my monthly work magazine for the first time ever! It also gives me enough time to eat a fat burning,, soreness-preventing, Access bar before my rowing session. I’m slowly incorporating lifestyle changes from my list.
You know, “Baby steps” really do work!

I love this cleaner!

Okay, I have these favorite walking sneakers, They are green Easy Spirits —bright green leather Easy Spirits. I think I bought them around 2003, so they are “older” and it’s hard to find shoes in my favorite color. A few days ago, I noticed they did look tired, worn and dirty, but I like them. They are comfortable and they are still in relatively good shape.

I decided to give them a quick once over with my favorite, Ecosense cleaning product. It was a quick wipe down and I love the results!

To be sure they don’t look brand new, but they look 100% better than they did. The left side image is the before cleaning, The right is the after cleaning.

The back of the shoe looks great too!

I think they look (and feel) pretty good for 17 year old shoes! What do you think?

Finding Sulfate-free Shampoo

When your hair is healthy, there’s no stopping its natural shine and bounce. But did you know that many shampoos use sulfates?  Sulfates are the primary cleaning agents in most shampoos. While sulfates are effective cleansers, they can also damage your hair, leaving it dry and brittle.

Many sulfate-based shampoos strip away essential moisture and cause color-treated hair to fade. They also increase the likelihood of breakage (split-ends) and limit the hair’s ability to reflect light, making it look dull and unhealthy.

I was in the market for a shampoo formulated with gentle, sulfate-free cleansers, that would still keep my hair clean, healthy, and moisturized without stripping away the hair’s natural moisturizers. I found a few but they were so much more expensive than I wanted to spend.

Then I discovered my online shopping club had a sulfate-free shampoo and it was under $5! I was surprised and excited to try this brand of conditioner and shampoo.

What I found: my hair became stronger, shinier, and healthier and it is now getting compliments. I am being asked how am I getting such soft, shiny, and manageable hair!

Amazing. Who knew I could improve my hair’s health with sulfate-free formulas that work and at prices under $5?

Amazing hair. Amazing prices. I love it!