Alter your environment to improve your body and mind

Genes contain information that determine everything from appearance to intelligence.
A person inherits genes from their parents, and how parents live affects their children’s genes.

However, it’s a mistaken assumption that everything you inherited in your genes is permanent. Your lifestyle and circumstances can awaken individual genes and/or suppress others. Here are four ways you can alter your environment and lifestyle to improve your body and mind.

1. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Food and nutrition are important. If you regularly consume healthy and nutritious food, your genes will respond accordingly. Healthy nutrition awakens essential genes that have a positive impact on your mind and body. It’s critical to have a consistently healthy diet for the good genes to remain active.

2. STRESS CAN ACTIVATE CHANGE. Everyone deals with stress, which can have an impact on our health and genes. Becoming stressed-out on a consistent basis can cause the good genes to become suppressed impacting your productivity and health. Destressing exercises can activate these genes to help you cope.

3. AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE WILL AWAKEN THE BEST GENES. An active lifestyle influences change. You don’t need to become an exercise junkie for good results. you only need to take part in a physical activity such as dancing or running on a regular basis. Your body will activate genes needed to support those activities over time. The impact has a net positive on your health, mind and productivity.

4. CHANGE YOUR ENVIRONMENT. Sometimes changing your environment isn’t all that easy, but it can be controlled it in small ways. Regular exposure to morning sunlight, a clean home environment and living near a wooded area can influence your active genes, mind, body and even your mood.

In addition to making these four changes, regular visits with your general healthcare provider can make sure you live a long, healthy life.

Today is a good day to start!

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