Should I own my own business?

Almost all of us have asked ourselves the question: “do I want my own business?”. I could be my own boss. I would be able to control my hours and spend more time with my family. I could be the determiner of my own income. The reasons to do it abound.

The attached article from the Wall Street Journal could help you assess your own qualifications. It touches on some key issues like needing a strong why to keep you focused and to get you through the, the inevitable “rough patches”. You must be willing (and comfortable) to take on some risk or find a business that has very little or none. You must be willing and able to fill many roles. Early in the development of your business, you will be IT, So, you must stay in balance.

Your Make Green partner has their own business, either part time or as their primary source of income. They would be excited to review their reasons for entrepreneurship and help you inventory your own by sharing their own twelve success factors. Freedom is a great way to make a living.

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