Stuck in your comfort zone?

Monday thoughts.

How many of you are stuck in your own comfort zone?
You feel safe doing what you have been doing every day, but question when you don’t get the results that you desire.
This can pertain to any aspect of your life: health, fitness, relationships, business, etc.

Have you ever had a conversation with yourself?
I don’t mean just talking out loud like some people do. I mean really dig deep inside and pull out what it is that really scares you.
Only you can find out the true answer.

Now, don’t lie, because you will only lie to yourself and you are the one person you never want to tell lies.
Once you identify your fear, ask yourself if you take a step towards conquering it, will it physically or mentally harm anyone? 99.9% the answer will be no. The only ‘harm’  might be palpitations and cold sweats.

Identify the fear that makes you stuck in your comfort zone, take a deep breath and just go for it! What is the worse thing that can happen?
You dip your toe in the cold water and after the initial shock, you breath and say to yourself, ‘that wasn’t so bad! I got this!’
Little steps like this will help you step outside your comfort zone and positive results will happen!
Remember, FEAR is Face Everything And Roar!

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