Non-toxic stain removal story

This was posted by a friend:

Sneaker heads, this ones for you. 
First, story time: My beloved husband took the babies out of the house this morning, and grabbed some coffee for me on the way back.
I’m not sure of all the details, but there was a spill and our daughter’s shoes came home SATURATED in coffee.
My husband said he was going to toss them and go buy a new pair, but wanted to see what magic I could do first. 

All I did was use my non-toxic stain remover (honestly, it has over 101 uses so it doesn’t do it justice to call it a stain remover. Most recently, I safely removed nail polish off my daughters legs, don’t ask…). It comes highly concentrated, so it costs like less than $1 a bottle.
UM, HELLO NEW LOOKING CHUCKS, thanks for saving me $35!
Thank You!

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