Inspiration vs. Motivation

Many of us use the words inspiration and motivation interchangeably as if it were the same word. In fact, the words and the emotions they evoke are distinctly different.

Inspiration is an external, driving force usually associated with some newly discovered information. Motivation, on the other hand, is an internal, pulling force that can only come from inside you. 

In many ways, these concepts seem to conflict because we “feel” inspired, which comes from within and motivation has some elements of external factors, which cause us to take action. There is an external need that requires us to take action.

A great speaker at a convention can inspire us with the information they provide, but the call to action comes from inside of us and we are responsible for taking that action. Motivation is when you get a hold of an idea and take it to a conclusion. Inspiration is when an idea gets a hold on you and drives you where you intend to go.

So, create your motives (and your motivation). You will get your inspiration from your spirit. Keep exposing yourself to new information and you will continue to “fill your tank” with inspiration. Your motivations for initiating your actions are YOUR responsibility. Don’t shirk it; embrace it and it will soon become a very good and successful habit. Habits are activities that duplicate themselves.    

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