Are you an introvert?

If so, you’ll be happy to know that March 17 – March 23 (typically the third week of March) is National Introverts Week. This week is dedicated to confronting the stigma associated with introversion and to celebrate the inherent strengths and qualities that make introverts such a dynamic and successful part of our world.

Introverts can and do achieve incredible success; it’s a mistake to simply think of them as withdrawn, reserved, and hiding in the background. Achievement is not a matter of personality or sociability; it comes down to an introvert’s ability to discover and master the strategies to harness their inherent strengths.

If you’re an introvert, embrace the power that comes with knowing you can be successful in business, your career, and in your overall life. Understand that you’re not disadvantaged; you’re just different, and you need to embrace that. You have all the abilities you need to succeed in any area you choose.

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