Danger in the laundry aisle?

Last night at the grocery store I had to go through the “poison” aisle to get to the paper products. For some reason, the are stored in the household cleaning section—that’s what I call the “poison” aisle.
When we walk this aisle my eyes and nose are assaulted by what I can only call a chemical stew. Basically, the aisle stinks from all of the chemical fragrances and aromas. I always get teary eyed, sneezy and wheezy whenever we have to go down that aisle—which is why I avoid it as much as possible.

You see, I’ve been shopping online for quality toxin-free cleaners and laundry detergents for years, and rarely need to shop that aisle. Consequently, the smells in the ‘poison’ aisle really attack my allergies and asthma. If you use these brand-name store-bought cleaning products in your home, you don’t notice the smells like I do, because it’s already in your home every day.

So, let’s talk about this common laundry detergent people buy. I am not going to go into the many reasons why it isn’t a safe product – God forbid a child or pet gets their hands/paws or mouths into Tide. It will not be good.

What I do appreciate is the company I shop from has never had a claim against it—not a single child has been harmed from accidentally ingesting any of this company’s products. Sure, kids and pets have gotten into MelaPower, but the worst that can happen will be a tummyache and will be fine in a few hours.

Now, how about the cost effectiveness between the two products? On the front of the Tide container, it says it will do 64 loads. But, if you look closely on the back, it says a load is measured to the #1 on the cap, which is really for super small loads. A common family load is a full load, which is to the #5 on the cap. If you measure to the #5 you are only able to do13 full loads with this container of Tide at a cost of $11.99—or .92 cents a full load!

My MelaPower bottle shown does 96 loads of laundry and it is $17.49 and that’s just .18 cents In fact, you only need 15ml (0.51 us fl oz) to do a full load. It’s comforting to know that I’m taking care of my laundry and my family’s health at the same time.

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