Hunger: Does It Come From The Brain Or The Stomach?

If you are trying to lose weight, and most Americans are, the enemy is hunger. Where does it come from? What is the source: the brain or the stomach? Actually, it is both. There are things you can do to suppress the cravings in both.

Whey protein isolate, which is a highly purified, natural dairy protein, potato enzyme extract found in white potatoes has been clinically proven to satisfy your brain, which controls your emotional and mental cravings, beta-glucan swells in your stomach and slows your stomach’s emptying process. What that does is prolong the absorption of energy from food and reduces the absorption of fat, creating a lasting feeling of fullness. Inulin (not insulin), which is derived from the chicory root or Jerusalem artichoke, provides soluble fiber that expands and further slows the stomach’s emptying process, so you feel full longer. Look for these natural ingredients when choosing supplements to aid in your weight loss regime.

Only 31% of people in the United States are either of a healthy weight or underweight. Obesity poses a serious health threat since it is strongly related to serious diseases like heart disease, stroke, ttype-2 diabetes, and cancer. This incurs about 147 billion, that’s right billion, in medical costs. Why do we have so much trouble keeping our weight down?

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