Sensitive Teeth

Particularly as we age, we can be victims of tooth sensitivity. Hot drinks, cold drinks, acidic foods, and sticky foods can trigger the sometimes-unbearable pain that is caused by sensitivity of one or more of your teeth.

It is caused by the wearing or cracking of the tooth enamel and another substance called cementum, can wear out with time and aggressive brushing. The enamel and cementum gone, the dentin is exposed in the tooth allowing the nerves to be affected by the food and drink mentioned above. The attached article from the American Dental Association explains the causes and suggests some treatment to alleviate the painful condition.

One suggestion the article offers is using a toothpaste or polish that is specifically manufactured to ease these sensitivities. I am associated with a company that offers the most effective sensitive tooth polish that I have ever used. It works to relieve much of the discomfort. It is not only a source of relief, but it polishes and whitens teeth like no other I have tried.

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