Hayseeds Creative Wellness

I’m also partnered with a 35 year-old health and wellness manufacturing company that is privately held with more than a billion dollars in sales, and 100% debt free. All of the products are manufactured in the US and are science-based, non-grocery, green, and eco-friendly. With more than 500 products, from shampoo to foot cream, from supplements to coffee, we have products for everyone.

What I do is educate consumers on the brand and why it make sense to shop here. I help customers open their online shopping accounts to get great products at discounted prices. The best part about this shopping club is that there is a 96% percent reorder rate. The products are that good.

These types of products will always be in the homes of everyone I know and everyone I don’t know, so my ideal client is anyone who uses toothpaste, deodorant, nutritional supplements, personal products, household or cleaning supplies and wants to save money on high quality products at Costco prices shipped directly to your door.

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