Are Spring allergies getting you down?

My allergies hit full force this past week because our garden suddenly bloomed!

Luckily, I had my favorite natural antihistamine on hand, Provex Plus, and was able to hold allergy symptoms at bay. Provex Plus is a proprietary combination of grape seed extract, gingko biloba, and bilberry supports healthy circulation and helps protect organs from damaging free radicals. So there are quite a few important benefits like anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, in addition to being a natural antihistamine!

I used to take prescribed allergy medications—with some, I felt sleepy and groggy, while others left me chronically thirsty. They may have stopped the itchy, tearing eyes and runny nose and itchy skin, but I didn’t feel BETTER. I seemed to have traded one set of symptoms for another. When I discovered Provex Plus, I couldn’t believe how good I felt, no grogginess, no runny nose or itchy eyes, no side effects at all. For me, it works just as well but without the side effects and it is so much cheaper too! I make sure to take one daily and it’s all I need!

What do you take for allergy?

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