Pollen is real

You know what I’m talking about…it’s spring allergy season. Cars are coated in a fine greenish-yellow dust; actually, everything is coated with it. It’s spring and the pollen is real. For years, I would run from my door to the security of my car, drive to work with the windows shut tight, then run from the car to the entrance of my office building trying to avoid activating my allergies. Most of the time, I failed. The pollen was just faster than I, no matter how fast I ran. I hated my allergy look, red teary eyes and runny mascara not to mention the sniffly nose!

The worst part? Not only did I have to deal with the sneezing and watery eyes, I had to invest in a four-month supply of Claritin® or Zyrtec® or a prescription written by my primary healthcare provider, just to be able to walk outside. To be clear, I lived on Claritin® for years, and it sometimes became an expensive strain on the budget.

Then a friend introduced me to CounterAct Allergy. Now I don’t have to hide from the sneezing, wheezing, and watery eyes. Or the itchy, runny, stuffy nose. I’m able to be out in the fresh air all season long with CounterAct Allergy. This over-the-counter allergy medicine is a 24-hour antihistamine relief that, like Claritin®, contains loratadine, and it makes the perfect replacement for Claritin®.

It’s made with the exact same active ingredient as Claritin® but costs HALF the price. More importantly, it contains no aspartame, dyes, and other miscellaneous ingredients that are listed on the the Claritin® package as you can see in the comparison images below:

Claritin® package back.

So CounterAct Allergy has
No dyes,
No aspartame,
No watery eyes,
and is half the price.

CounterAct® Allergy provides 24-hour, non-drowsy relief from seasonal allergy symptoms to help me breathe easy at a cost about 50% less than other brands.

CounterAct® keeps me and my family happy with safe, effective, and affordable
alternatives to expensive, brand-name products.

I love this product!

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