Seven steps to preventing measles…

and other communicable diseases

I’m taking a trip out west and will be mingling with a lot of people from all over the country, in airports, on the plane, public transportation, hotels, restaurants and in meetings. Thanks to many people foregoing vaccinations, measles infections are on the rise. Although I had them as a three year-old and have a “natural immunity” I plan to be prepared to battle most communicable diseases.

How do I plan to prevent infections?

Seven steps to take when travelling:

1. Proper nutrition automatically boosts immunity so I take my amazing Peak Performance Pack vitamins daily.

2. Drinking or taking Activate-C drink or capsules several days before my flight and during my trip will boost immune system even more.

3. Apply ARMOR essential oil (a natural defense against germs and immune booster) with a carrier oil to key points (like wrist and neck). It smells great and always makes me feel better.

4. Apply Melagel under my nostrils for the flight, to fight germs trying to enter my airways.

5. Apply Antibacterial Clear Defense gel or wipes to my hands as needed, especially after I’ve touched something that looks debatable.).

6. I always take time to wipe down my airplane seat with Sol-U-Guard EPA approved food-grade and safe disinfecting wipes that kill 99.99% of germs. (They say headrest, tray, seat pocket and arm rests are the worst for germ infestation!)

7. Pack a bottle of Sol-U-Mel to spray down my hotel room, bathroom counter, sheets, couch, pillow, etc. This kills dust mites, allergens, mold, bacteria and viruses that are found in the air and soft surfaces. An added bonus? It boosts the  immune system because it’s made with highest grade Melaleuca oil.

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