National No Dirty Dishes Day

Whether you’re a mother, father, sister, brother, or roommate, no one likes dirty dishes. That is why we’re celebrating National No Dirty Dishes Day today.
It’s probably a holiday most created by an upset parent, spouse or room mate fed up with cleaning up the mess. I’d like to think sinks around the world are rejoicing at the thought of having a light workload and a clear space on today. So keep sinks happy, and do your part by saying, “NO” to dirty dishes.

This is a day that gives us all a break from the regular daily routine. There are two options for this day. You can eat all meals out. If that is possible, would also be a bonus treat. Or, you can use disposable paper plates, cups and silverware. To stay earth friendly, choose ones that are biodegradable, just like my favorite dish detergent, Lemon Bright! I just love a clean sink, don’t you?

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