Clean your bathroom without compromise!

Here’s a reality check: a 20-year independent study found that using common household cleaners, including chlorine bleach, as little as once a week damaged lung capacity as much as smoking a pack of cigarettes every day for 20 years!

There’s a safer way to clean. Tub & Tile melts away soap scum and hard water spots with safer ingredients such as citric acid, like that found in lemons. No harsh fumes or abrasives, so you can clean without compromise!

May I treat you…

Are you confused by all the info out there that is encouraging you to use this or that product to improve your lifestyle? 
I was in that same boat nearly 20 years as I was seeking healthy avenues to take care of my personal health and the health
of my family’s home environment. 

I had a good friend share with me about an American-born company; a company that was debt free; and a company that offered products made with the best of science and nature designed to help with my personal health and the health of my home environment. At first I was skeptical.

But you know what? I was the best shopping decision I ever made!

Are you ready to get off the treadmill of information overload and learn about a company that offers real products for real people? Products that they really need?

May I treat you to a cup of coffee or iced tea and share about this company?

Today’s health PSA

Here’s today’s healthy PSA: I would love to have all my friends and family to have access to the online shopping store that I’ve been using to buy non toxic products and limit my shopping trips to the store.
I’m so happy I found a healthy shopping club 19 years ago.


People are cleaning with harsh harmful chemicals unaware of the dangers of exposure to these toxic chemicals. These toxins are compromising your families immune systems and causing lung damage. I personally can’t tolerate harsh smells or chemicals as they trigger my asthma and cause severe shortness of breath. 

Bleach bio-accumulates in the body. Your body can’t detoxify it.  I find that scary. And, Lysol is a known carcinogen similar to Agent Orange. 

You know, there are effective healthy options, like my shopping club, it’s like a healthy grocery store with an Amazon delivery system. 

I use a product called Soluguard Botanical instead of Lysol and Bleach. It is EPA registered, patented and kills 99.9% of the germs on contact with thyme oil and citric acid.  You can spray away around the kids and even food. A plus is that it’s always in stock (with the just-in-time manufacturing process) and comes directly to your door. I love buying organic and toxin free cleaners for my home.  You might too.

It’s never too late to make a change. 

It’s just a little bit…

It’s just a little bit of heavy metals in your food

It’s just a little bit of benzene in your sunscreen

It’s just a little bit of chlorine in your water.

It’s just a little bit of PFOAs in non-stick pans

It’s just a little bit of endocrine disrupters in your perfumes and air fresheners

It’s just a little bit of parabens in your make-up

It’s just a little bit of colored dyes in your snack.s 

When does “just a little bit” becomes just a little bit too much for the body to handle?
Don’t wait until it’s too much for your body to handle and process!
Start reducing your external toxic exposure today! Read the labels, seek out safer products.

When you know better, you do better. the products I use are safer for my home, safer for my family, and better for the planet! Not to mention made in America and at my door a few days later! 

Cost of laundry detergent

I’m curious how much has the cost of you laundry detergent gone up since 2016?
Has the quality changed?

Since March 2016, the cost of my detergent has gone up a mere $1.50. With that said – the quality has also gone up. They just added 2 more enzymes (this month) to cut through more stains – WITHOUT raising the cost 

Online shopping

20,000 people in North America switch to this store every month!

CLEANER greener safer products
The BEST immunity support
Necessities for every home 450+ products
AFFORDABLE , high quality too
MADE in and distributed from North America
DEBT FREE company
Highest quality beef
100% Satisfaction guaranteed

Click! Click! Ship!
(usually faster than Amazon)
I’m a loyal 19-year shopper.

Why am I up this early on a SATURDAY?  

For those of you who follow me, you know that rarely shop Target or Walmart for cleaning and household supplies. I shop with online Shopping Club that manufactures household products that are affordable and safer for my home,and…that just so happen to be manufactured in the USA. 

As for my family…if my Wellness Shopping Club sells it, well, I buy it from them. With over 500 products available and manufactured in the States, I rarely need buy anything from the big box stores other than fresh produce and groceries. 

With my allergies, asthma and eczema, I wanted natural, safe, non-toxic, effective and affordable products and it was becoming difficult to find in the “overly fragrant” cleaning aisle of stores that would set of a round of asthma I hated that. Plus when using the products I would break out in painfully itch red rashes.  I really hated cleaning because of that.

Then, 19 years ago, I discovered through a friend, my online Shopping Club! I didn’t overthink making a convenient, simple switching stores decision when my friend shared this Shopping Club with me. I welcomed the idea of a one stop shop for safer products.  Of course, I had some concerns about making regular purchases online, afterall, it was 2004. 

Things sure have changed! I keep a running list of items to get in my next order and love the products!

Some of the benefits of this shopping club are:

• Never having to read labels anymore, unless I want to read them.

• Convenient doorstep delivery within 3-4 days.

• Never having to forfeit quality because of cost. 

• Never having to worry about supply-chains issues.

• Never having to worry about the price going up so much that it hurts.

I loved this company and the products so much that I had decided to partner up with them in business and share it with others—and that has been a source of income for me for the past 19 years.  

One thing that makes me happy is that becoming a customer is completely risk free. I respect this Shopping Club’s honesty, transparency, integrity, loyalty, community, values and morals. I NEVER have to worry about any of my referrals getting hurt in any way by the company or products. The company isn’t going anywhere

I am so honored and blessed to get to share this store and enhance people lives with wellness. I will never stop sharing a store that continues to put their customers first.

This is so much more than amazing products and great income—it’s also about the friendships I have made over the last 19 years with like minded, positive people. That’s PRICELESS

Sun Valley Hand Wash

After working on a particularly dirty job, or even when my hands feel dusty, I reach for my Sun Valley Hand soaps because I love the smell and the way they clean my hands,

Did you know that Sun Valley Hand Washes Powered by Sol-U-Guard Botanical Wash Away the Competition!

They are the only hand soaps in the world that use the power of Sol-U-Guard Botanical’s thyme oil and citric acid to effectively wash away dirt and germs. Unlike many other brands, these products have no parabens, no formaldehyde, and no phthalates. But that’s not where the difference ends…with glycerin and aloe, they also leave your hands feeling softer after every wash.

That’s why Sun Valley Hand Washes Powered by Sol-U-Guard Botanical are such great products for families and anyone who wants clean healthy hand cleaners.

Product Recall

Have you seen all the recalls of personal care products, cleaning products ?
The Last call I saw was for a Clorox company product, Pine-Sol. If you are a Pine-Sol user,
it might be time to switch products and stores.  

Did you know you could buy many of the same types of products that you buy from the “Big Box” stores from an online AMERICAN MADE store? An American company that makes all of their products in their own manufacturing plants right here in the USA.

If you care about the products you use and want t know more contact me..

Here a a few incentives to switch:
• The quality is great and the products easily compete with Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.
• Products are affordable and priced competitively with Target and Walmart.
• There are more than 500 Products that are better and safer for you, your kiddos and pets from which to
choose. PLUS, they are made FRESH every month.
• Like Amazon, the products are shipped directly to your home.
• PRICES WILL NOT GO up constantly due to inflation like the other stores. 
• This company’s products are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed 

I said YES to switching 19 years ago and it has been the best decision ever, especially now with supplier chain issues, shipping issues and inflation. 

Dirty carpet?

.Our 23 year old carpet that had not been cleaned good for a while and it recently got a bit of chocolate shake spilled on it.



Chemical free cleaners from my shopping club saved the day.


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