Destroy stains, not clothes

With my allergies and sensitive skin, there were always issues with laundry detergents and my clothing. Brand new clothing would itch and cause rashes, so it had to be washed before wearing. Of course, depending on the detergent used, washing would often not remove the issue. Some of those detergents caused additional rashes, leaving me no better off than I was before.

Just walking down the detergent and soap aisle and inhaling the varied scented soaps and powders was enough to set off an asthma attack. Naturally, I avoided the aisle as much as possible so I wouldn’t have sneezing and coughing fits, On one trip to restock, I discovered a phosphate-free detergent, which helped some, but there were other ingredients that still caused my skin to react with rashes and welts. It was a constant problem.

Then I found my wellness shopping club and their laundry detergent. Wow! It was a game changer! For the first time ever I had no rashes, no allergic reactions to the smell and my clothes were clean! The best part, it came in liquid form and you only need to use a small amount to get your clothes clean becausebecause it’s powered by a proprietary formula with three stain-busting natural enzymes. In fact, a 32-ounce. bottle could wash 96 loads! So, in the long run, it was also a savings.

How can this product work so well? Well, the proprietary formula’s enzymes powerfully yet gently lift stains and encapsulate them to prevent those stains from redepositing on my clothing. National brands use brute force that destroys fabric in the process!

The small amount needed is actually two tiny teaspoons. Yes, two teaspoons can clean an entire load of laundry. You’d need more than a quarter cup of the most popular National brand to do the same job! For me, that makes it a great value.

This product is the most concentrated liquid laundry detergent on the market. That means it produces significantly less plastic waste and fewer greenhouse gases than competitive products. The natural ingredients and enzymes are great for the environment as well.

I’ll never use another brand of laundry detergent again.


Cinnamon for your garden

Cinnamon isn’t just for the kitchen. Here are some great uses for cinnamon in your garden.

  1. Deter ants
    Cinnamon will actually kill ants. The powdery substance will suffocate the bugs when inhaled. The aroma can also make it hard for ants to smell food sources, but it’s nontoxic for kids and pets. Win, win!
  2. Defeat fungus
    When you sprinkle ground cinnamon on soil, it kills fungi. The cinnamon targets surface-level fungi, so you might need to use other solutions in addition to this one. You can use cinnamon to kill wild mushrooms too
  3. Protect seedlings from disease
    The antifungal properties in cinnamon make it a great tool for protecting seedlings from rot and disease, also known as damping off. Keeping moisture at bay is key; dusting the seeds with cinnamon and using a doming tactic can protect the seeds until they grow.
  4. Root and graft plants
    You can make your roses (or other plants) sturdier after cutting and replanting by first dipping them in cinnamon powder, which works like a rooting hormone, a bit. The cinnamon kills off the competition, so to speak, so that your flower can grow better
  5. Heal sick plants
    Try sprinkling cinnamon on a plant wound (from cutting or other damage) to speed up the healing process and protect it from further damage or disease.
  6. Keep mosquitoes away from the garden
    Sprinkle a bit of cinnamon around your plants to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. They don’t like the strong smell of cinnamon, so you can enjoy your garden (even at night) in peace. Alternatively, you can plant a teabag.

Safer products

As a member of the Wellness Company shopping club, I’m proud of their decades-long stance against the use of toxic ingredients! These products never use:

  • Chlorine
  • Bleach
  • Ammonia
  • Formaldehyde
  • Phthalates or
  • Parabens

The above chemicals can damage your lung capacity and disrupt hormones, and yet they’re still found in many national brand products. Each ingredient in these EcoSense cleaners has been carefully selected to give you the best cleaning performance without putting your family at risk.

As for me, I absolutely love this cleaner. It’s safe for my granite counters, safe to rinse off fruit and veggies, and safe around the dog.

Clean without compromise with #EcoSense!

Sharing the little things

Nearly twenty years ago, a friend shared with me that the moisturizing cream from her shopping club might help the chronic skin problems that many members of my family had—dry skin, sensitive skin, eczema, hives and rashes—you name it, someone in the family suffered from it.

We didn’t have much hope that it would cure anything but it it could provide relief, we would be thrilled. Surprise! Everyone showed improvement d in that first week.

The rest is history. I found a whole slew of products that were safer, money saving AND worked great! Plus they are delivered to my door.

It’s been a long time and every time we use these products, we are so grateful she shared.

Summer and sunscreen

Before you head out to the beach today, don’t forget your sunscreen. You want to keep yourself healthy and free of melanomas in the future.

Did you know a healthy sunscreen does more for just keeping you free of sun damage? By using the right kind of sunscreen you can help keeping our coral reefs healthy. Using reef safe sunscreen can help! Here is a cheat sheet on what to look for to determine if your sun screen is safe.

Does Medicine Really Expire?

Since 1979, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has required that pharmaceutical companies put expiration dates on prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

The date printed on a pill bottle is the date until which the medicine’s manufacturer will guarantee the drug’s safety and full potency. How long a drug actually remains safe and effective can vary.

Some medicines like insulin, nitroglycerin and liquid antibiotics, contain active ingredients that are known to become unstable after a prolonged time period. Yet other drugs and medications may have a longer shelf life than their packaging states. The effectiveness of these medicines may degrade over time, but may still offer some benefits.

That said, several years ago, Lee Cantrell, director of the San Diego Division of the California Poison Control System, had a rare opportunity to examine an old stash of drugs — including antihistamines, pain relievers and diet pills — found in the back of a pharmacy.

He found that those found medications, some of them at least 40 years past their manufacture date, still retained full potency.  That study was published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine in 2012. Cantrell published another study in 2017 showing that EpiPens — the expensive auto-injectors used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions — retained 84 percent of their potency more than four years past their expiration dates, suggesting that in an emergency, an expired EpiPen would be better than nothing.

Although the federal government, the FDA and the U.S. Department of Defense started the Shelf-Life Extension Program (SLEP) in 1986, a SLEP study in 2006 tested 122 different drugs stored under ideal conditions, and the results showed, the expiration date of a majority of the drugs in the SLEP storage were extended by an average of four years. 

 Even so, the FDA still strongly warns consumers against taking expired medicine.

Because certain expired medications are at risk of bacterial growth and sub-potent antibiotics can fail to treat infections, leading to more serious illnesses and antibiotic resistance, the FDA strongly warns consumers against taking expired medicine.

The FDA also encourages people to bring their unused and expired meds to the National Prescription Drug Take-Back days, hosted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Soothing sore muscles

I love Pain-a-Trate for my sore muscles after my hard work out this morning! I got in an hour of rowing and swimming, a three-mile run/walk with my feisty dog and a half hour of weights. I know I will feel it a bit later. but I am so glad I found this great alternative to Icy Hot and BenGay!
Not only does it soothe the pain it works quickly to relieve it!

June is National Safety Month

Injuries are the leading cause of death for Americans ages 1 to 44. The good news is there are many things people can do to stay safe and prevent injuries. During National Safety Month, everyone is encouraged to learn more about important safety issues like preventing poisonings, transportation safety, and slips, trips, and falls.

Did you know that nine out of 10 poisonings happen right at home? You can be poisoned by many things, like cleaning products or another person’s medicine.

Other causes of injury in the home are slips, trips, and falls. More than one in four older adults fall each year often resulting in broken bones or head injuries.

Doing other activities while driving – like texting or eating – distracts you and increases your chance of crashing. Almost one in six crashes where someone is injured involves distracted driving.

A clean car

When you get your car cleaned and detailed, and they still can’t get the stain out!

I used my favorite all-natural stain remover and BAM! stain be gone!
Once again, Sol-U-Mel for the save! I love how this product cleaned up the upholstery!

Who doesn’t love a clean car?