Men’s Skin Care and More

In the past, Men’s toiletries were largely deodorants, fragrances and shaving products. As this CNBC article points out, that is no longer the case. In fact, the men’s skin and personal care market is booming.

Since 2012, beauty and personal care products targeting men has grown by more than 70% and now represents close to 10 billion dollars. Many companies are, understandably, now paying attention, with a 100 million a year in growth, the industry has even “coined” a word for it: Mampering.

While many national and global companies are investing millions into developing products specifically targeted to the men’s segment, many men are using products that are used by women.

Men, particularly millennials, say that the use of personal care products boosts their self-esteem. But the use of these personal care products are not limited to the millennial segment, more and more adult men are using these products to counteract the effects of dry and aging skin.

One of the biggest challenges that companies have in developing these products is that men want their grooming routine to run no more than 30 minutes. Combining products seems to be the answer they have found. Stay tuned for the compromises that must be made for combination products.

Results will always be the way these products will be judged. For that reason, it may make sense to use female-targeted products as a unisex solution. Afterall, billions of dollars have been invested in the development of these women’s products and solutions. The results are what you are seeking regardless of whether you achieve them with a woman’s or a men’s product. 

Barbara Hay

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