Cyber Monday

Online shopping competition is fierce these days, so I would think companies would be willing to step up to the trends to stay in the race.

A few days ago I had to call a customer service department of a major company. I had to listen to several options and several menu options before finally getting put on hold for over an hour before a human actually picked up. They claimed there was a high volume of callers that day. The day prior I had tried for two hours to speak to someone at that company. How can a company like that stay in business?

Too many companies have gotten away from TRUE customer service. True customer service includes a personal touch—a smiling voice, a helpful person—and no phone system can provide that. Human interaction is needed for genuine personal touch. To compound the problem even further, many companies no longer publish a phone number, if they do, it is somewhere in small type hidden on their websites. They want you to go through email and wait days for an answer. Efficient? For them, maybe. For me? No.

Don’t tell me how much you care about my business in a recording. I’m more than just a number in queue. I am not a robotic machine. I HATE talking to machines. It makes me want to hang up! I prefer to talk to a helpful person every time. 

Where I shop for my monthly consumables, a human answers in less than ten seconds every.single.time. and they are pleasant! I suppose they’ve spoiled me, letting me know my business is important to them. I’m important.

Yes I order online, but when there is a problem, I prefer to talk to a person every time. I love companies that make that a priority. Come Cyber Monday, I know which company will be getting my spending dollars!

How about you?

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