Tis the season for vitamin D3

I don’t know about you, but since the time change occurred earlier this month, I feel I’ve been dragging. Yes, I’m still getting 12,000 – 15,000 steps a day and rowing three times a week and swimming twice a week, but I feel tired. It’s probably because I’m not seeing as much sunlight as I was and the current rainy season hasn’t been giving me a healthy dose of sunshine or vitamin D either.

It’s time for me to add vitamin D3 back into my diet.  This is the brand I use to keep my vitamin levels up. I have come to trust this company’s  standards of  development and processed at only $7.49, it’s a bargain to stay healthy!
It helps me battle infections and elevates my mood and with the holidays coming I can’t afford a single down day. How about you? do you take vitamin D?

To learn more about vitamin D and a healthy lifestyle, check out some of my previous blogs on this vitamin supplement.
Vitamin D and the risk of breast cancer 

Sunshine in a bottle: Vitamin D3

Do you need to add vitamin D and calcium to your diet?

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