Do you clean refrigerator coils?

It’s easy to forget about cleaning refrigerator coils because you never see them. They’re either behind or on the bottom of the unit, so they fall into the “out of sight, out of mind” category.
We decided to do this today while we were getting ready for the holidays. If you’re cleaning, might as well do a thorough job, right?
Why did noticed they looked icky. Refrigerator coils can become coated with pet hair, dirt and grease, causing them to put out extra effort to keep the fridge cool. The more energy those coils exert, the higher your bill is going to be for the month.
Fortunately, all we had to do to clean the coils was unplug the fridge, use a vacuum hose to get rid of the dirt and hair, and clean off any remaining gunk with soap and water.

Presto! Clean coils and a more efficiently running fridge!

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