Safer household products

Thirty years ago, after my allergies caused a lot of issues when I cleaned. What was worse? the allergies from dust and grime, or the allergic reaction to the cleaning products I used. It was suggested by doctors and well-meaning friends that I make my own products. The idea of making safer cleaning products when I began my healthier choice journey was exhausting to me. I tried. I really did.

I loaded up on vinegar, baking soda and all those natural botanicals.
The teachers of the idea and the recipe guides usually mentioned they needed to be made fresh to be effective – no less. So before starting a cleaning project, I’d have to “manufacture” my cleaning supplies. For several years I just hired a housekeeper and left it at that. But, the type of cleaning she did (she was excellent) was becoming expensive and when I moved to another state, she stayed behind and I was back to doing all my own cleaning.

Recently, listening to Dr. Eric Zielinski (a dependable source, and essential oil expert), I found another reason to not want to add making my own cleaners and personal care products to my need to do list: if they’re not freshly made, they can be laden with bacteria. Eeek!
Figuring out how much to make for the need at hand and preventing the product becoming rancid and laden with bacteria is something I definitely do not want to deal with.
I decided to leave it up to the science behind a brand I trust and use daily.

Thirty years later – healthy is more convenient and not more expensive like it was in the 80’s. I found a wonderful brand that for me is allergy and chemical free and I love them so much, I share information about them with anyone and everyone who asks. this company has made my home a safer household and I gladly shop for these products.

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