Do you know where your milk comes from?

Do you know where your milk comes from? Whether you’re trying to eat local or just curious about the origin of your milk, yogurt, or cottage cheese, the site Where Is My Milk From? will help you identify the city, state, and dairy where it was processed.

Most bottles and cartons of milk, as well as many containers of other dairy products like yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, ice cream, and even soy milk, are printed with a code. This corresponds to the state and plant where it was processed – information that is made public in the FDA’s Interstate Milk Shippers List but not very user-friendly.

Where Is My Milk From? makes it easy to plug in the code and get the name and location of the dairy. It doesn’t necessarily give you the whole picture, as the processing dairy might bottle milk from multiple dairies, but it can still be enlightening. The site also reveals the interesting fact that “different brands of milk often come from the same dairy – and the same cows.”

Locate the code on your carton or container, enter it above and click Find It. You’ll instantly know which dairy your milk came from! The same goes for your yogurt, chocolate milk, soy or organic milk, coffee creamer, cottage cheese, ice cream, and more!

Click here to check your code.

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