From time to time, all of us have experienced  swelling in our feet, ankles, and hands. It is usually simple water retention. Pregnancy and injury are also causes of peripheral swelling or edema. Whether it is natural or another cause, it is uncomfortable and often unsightly.

Pregnancy will almost always produce some water swelling. In certain cases, even after giving birth, swelling or edema can occur. Most of the time, it isn’t serious, however, if it persists longer than a month, you should see your physician.

Injury, such as sprains from activities, can also cause swelling. This usually causes pain in addition to the swelling because of the inflammation caused by the injury. In these cases, prescribed or natural anti-inflammatories can bring a great deal of relief.

Water retention and edema can also be caused by lifestyle. Increased physical activity and dietary changes can help a great deal—whether for short-term relief, or to keep the condition from recurring. Some tips:
• Raise your feet above your heart as often as possible.
• Cranberry juice and dandelion tea have excellent diuretic effects.
• Reduce your sodium and caffeine intake.
• Reduce red meat and add fish three to five times a week and add or increase the fruits and vegetables in your meal plans.
• Carrots, asparagus, leafy greens, pineapple, and watermelon have particularly good diuretic effects and…
• Drink plenty of water.

If you are currently under a physician’s care for your condition, be sure to check with them before you add or replace your medical regime with a natural one. The company with whom I am associated provides many wellness solutions that can assist you in your switch to a less prescription based solution to your water retention and swelling in your extremities. Take the time to read the attached article from LiveStrong for some additional details and information.

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