Are you paying attention?

Point 1 – Established Track Record. Not only are we 31-years-old with consistent growth, but we just closed out our largest growth ever (32% GROWTH)! Wall Street would eat this company up – but that won’t happen. We are only able to stay true to our program, our customers and the mission statement if we are not clouded by the influence of investors.

Point 2 – Financially Sound. To our first point about Wall Street – We don’t need them! We have developed the infrastructure to grow by another 200% and it is all paid for by cash. When you have a vision and have planned appropriately for that vision that is when something special happens.

We are all very proud of this, but what does it really mean to you? If I didn’t know anything about this company and I was looking to better my personal future, I would spend a little time asking a few questions. Since this growth and stability has been built on helping people live healthier lives – there is something for everyone!

The old phrase is, “only time will tell”. Well time is talking, and this year it is talking about growth! When I was was first introduced to this online shopping club these 12 points of interest were shared with me (View article – Does the concept of working from home intrigue you). Two of these points are related to the financial stability of the company and ring even more true today than they did 5 years ago.

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