Is it a cold or the flu?

‘Tis the season for runny noses, itchy eyes, fever, and headaches. You have the flu…or is it a cold? It can be confusing. The bulletin linked below from Prevention Magazine can help you differentiate.

The flu hits you quickly and dramatically. You will often run a fever above 101F; it is accompanied by body aches and fatigue. You may have some other symptoms that “mock” the common cold, but you should seek treatment from your doctor within 48 hours of the onset.

Your cold symptoms are most commonly above the neck, but the common cold is not only caused by the rhinovirus but by any of two hundred other viruses. It is most effectively treated with over the counter “symptom-relievers”. You must be careful, however, not to mix multiple products, which can cause toxification.

Your flu, if that is your diagnosis, is most effectively treated by a physician prescribed anti-viral medication, but as I said earlier, it should come within 48 hours of your symptoms presenting themselves.

The best defense is an offense in the form of a healthy diet, adequate hydration and exercise. Naturally, avoid environments that may expose you to unreasonable risks of infection. You may also want to consider a regime of preventive supplements. My company develops and manufactures a full line of the purest, highest quality preventatives available. Take special care during the holidays and the winter and stay healthy.

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