Destroy stains, not clothes

With my allergies and sensitive skin, there were always issues with laundry detergents and my clothing. Brand new clothing would itch and cause rashes, so it had to be washed before wearing. Of course, depending on the detergent used, washing would often not remove the issue. Some of those detergents caused additional rashes, leaving me no better off than I was before.

Just walking down the detergent and soap aisle and inhaling the varied scented soaps and powders was enough to set off an asthma attack. Naturally, I avoided the aisle as much as possible so I wouldn’t have sneezing and coughing fits, On one trip to restock, I discovered a phosphate-free detergent, which helped some, but there were other ingredients that still caused my skin to react with rashes and welts. It was a constant problem.

Then I found my wellness shopping club and their laundry detergent. Wow! It was a game changer! For the first time ever I had no rashes, no allergic reactions to the smell and my clothes were clean! The best part, it came in liquid form and you only need to use a small amount to get your clothes clean becausebecause it’s powered by a proprietary formula with three stain-busting natural enzymes. In fact, a 32-ounce. bottle could wash 96 loads! So, in the long run, it was also a savings.

How can this product work so well? Well, the proprietary formula’s enzymes powerfully yet gently lift stains and encapsulate them to prevent those stains from redepositing on my clothing. National brands use brute force that destroys fabric in the process!

The small amount needed is actually two tiny teaspoons. Yes, two teaspoons can clean an entire load of laundry. You’d need more than a quarter cup of the most popular National brand to do the same job! For me, that makes it a great value.

This product is the most concentrated liquid laundry detergent on the market. That means it produces significantly less plastic waste and fewer greenhouse gases than competitive products. The natural ingredients and enzymes are great for the environment as well.

I’ll never use another brand of laundry detergent again.


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