What Does The Top Of Your Desk Say About The Quality Of Your Work?

We have all been there. We sit down and realize the condition and organization of the top of our desk leaves something to be desired. Don’t be too tough on yourself it happens to all of us, at least from time to time.

The top of your desk DOES say something about you. Neatness can mean you are goal oriented or driven to succeed. While a messy or disorganized desk can indicate a creative thinker that can find untraditional ways to get things accomplished.

I am fortunate that the company that I represent has leaders that coach feverishly and diligently to the point where they have created a web-based system of organization that is customized for the organization of my business. The result? I am able to keep a routine, which gives me a sense of security unmatched to any other career in which I have been involved. It allows me to duplicate and that repetition makes me better at my job and at leading my people. 

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