Shopping online for wellness

Fourteen years ago I took out a membership for an amazing online wellness shopping club. I was a bit skeptical at first, but friends were adamant that I needed this. Being that I had always been a catalog shopper and was enjoying shopping online, I decided perhaps I would give it a try. But only for a few months. If I liked it it would be great, if not, well I’d move on.

it’s now fourteen years later and I’m still shopping there. I love the products and I love the company and most of all I love what it’s done for my health! Some of the priceless benefits I’ve received shopping here include:
• Better nutrition and nutritional supplements providing me with more energy, better sleep,, incredibly regular  bowel movements (IBS has practically disappeared!)
• Weight loss. Greater endurance, stronger muscles and quicker recovery time from exercise. 
• Improved skin, dry skin relief, eczema relief, reduced allergic reactions
• Healthier teeth, reduced plaque growth, whiter teeth and healthy gums
• A toxic free home, healthier and safer cleaning products, reduction in asthmatic reactions and reduction in need for prescription medications.

Not only that, I’ve received more than $3000.00 in free products over the years and more from this great company.

So here it is 14 years later and I’m loving this way of shopping. Why would I ever give up my membership?

Can you say that about where you shop?

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