Why I love my shopping club

In 1991, I was introdced to a company where I could work part-time selling products that I loved and seeing others feel the same about the products.  Yes, it was a party plan, but those social times were fun!

I did well enought to get promoted, but there came a day that selling to meet quotas became a pressure for me. You see,  at the beginning of every month I started over with a zero income base — additional  pressure.  Plus, most of my earned income was not coming from the sales I made. Most of the income came from being a subject matter expert in the field and doing seminars or consultations on how people could improve their lives using these or similar products. That was more fun and being that I was a full time freelance graphic designer first and foremost, the work at home behind those successful years was too much pressure for me. 

So, in 2002 I walked away. 

After a two-year hiatus. A friend called and told me she found a line of safer for you, less expensive, better-performing products that Ishe thought would help with some of my medical issues. Doubtfully, I tried them,  loved them, and became excited when I discovered I could make money!  That fit my lifestyle!

This online wellness company shared its revenue with shoppers who referred other shoppers to the shop club instead of using paid advertising. Word of mouth testimonials and simple referrals are the reasons the company could use natural, better working ingredients and sell their products at money-saving prices. No paid advertising saves billions!

For almost 20 years, I have received a check every single month from my referrals.  Why does it work?  People love the products and 96%  of the customers I’ve referred order again the next month.

Would you really enjoy a check you could depend on every month that did not require selling products?

It’s an income stream that doesn’t interfere with your main business/priorities — it fits in nicely with my ilfestyle I know this residual income could take  me through my retirement…I thought my story was worth sharing and, if you’re interested in learning more, feel free to contact me.

Something to ponder:

In the Spring of 2000, Netflix’s CEO tried to form an alliance with Blockbuster Video (remember them?) Netflix offered 49% of their company to Blockbuster and the two companies would become one. Blockbuster would still have the brick and mortar buildings to rent out DVD’s and Netflix would be used to send out DVD’s though the mail.

Blockbuster basically laughed Netflix out of the meeting and passed on the offer because they didn’t understand the business model.

Are you being left behind on an opportunity because you don’t understand it?

Things are changing faster than ever before. Old ways of doing business are dying daily. Don’t be left behind!

Just because you haven’t shopped or don’t shop online for your household items YET doesn’t mean it won’t be EXACTLY what your busy life is looking for!

I love shopping online for all of my household items, let me help you get started.


Shopping online for wellness

Fourteen years ago I took out a membership for an amazing online wellness shopping club. I was a bit skeptical at first, but friends were adamant that I needed this. Being that I had always been a catalog shopper and was enjoying shopping online, I decided perhaps I would give it a try. But only for a few months. If I liked it it would be great, if not, well I’d move on.

it’s now fourteen years later and I’m still shopping there. I love the products and I love the company and most of all I love what it’s done for my health! Some of the priceless benefits I’ve received shopping here include:
• Better nutrition and nutritional supplements providing me with more energy, better sleep,, incredibly regular  bowel movements (IBS has practically disappeared!)
• Weight loss. Greater endurance, stronger muscles and quicker recovery time from exercise. 
• Improved skin, dry skin relief, eczema relief, reduced allergic reactions
• Healthier teeth, reduced plaque growth, whiter teeth and healthy gums
• A toxic free home, healthier and safer cleaning products, reduction in asthmatic reactions and reduction in need for prescription medications.

Not only that, I’ve received more than $3000.00 in free products over the years and more from this great company.

So here it is 14 years later and I’m loving this way of shopping. Why would I ever give up my membership?

Can you say that about where you shop?

Growth In E-Commerce Fuels Sam’s Closings

Shifts in purchasing from “brick and mortar” to e-commerce are undeniable, as the below article from Business Insider articulates. E-commerce sales are up by 15.5% from just a year ago. It predicts it will continue to take market share in the future.

This also factors in certain purchases that are not conducive to online purchase for various reasons. Those “resistant” sectors make up about 54% of total retail sales, so, for now, the growth of e-commerce is based on about 46% of available markets of conquest.

The resistant sectors include: new and used vehicle sales 21% (searching and pricing do not include purchasing), grocery and beverage purchases 12.6% (although some chains are taking a second pass at converting this sector with improved logistics methodology), gasoline sales 8%, and restaurant and bar purchases 12%.

Recently, it was announced that Sam’s Club, a division of Walmart, has made the decision to close 63 of its sales locations. It will convert about a dozen of those locations into—yes, you guessed it—internet sales warehouses, the USA Today inclusion below will give you the details.

It certainly looks like we can look forward to more closings of brick and mortar operations as we move into the future because of additional penetration. Although this process will be slow, it will be further fueled by retailers figuring out ways (and they will) to convert those “resistant” markets, over time.

What all this indicates is that businesses are finally catching up to the forward thinkers of the world. The company I purchase from started over 30-years ago with an e-commerce philosophy and is now one of the largest in the world with over $2 billion in annual revenue. Forward thinkers with amazing products and shopping options…just a few of the many reasons I love shopping there!



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