Something to ponder:

In the Spring of 2000, Netflix’s CEO tried to form an alliance with Blockbuster Video (remember them?) Netflix offered 49% of their company to Blockbuster and the two companies would become one. Blockbuster would still have the brick and mortar buildings to rent out DVD’s and Netflix would be used to send out DVD’s though the mail.

Blockbuster basically laughed Netflix out of the meeting and passed on the offer because they didn’t understand the business model.

Are you being left behind on an opportunity because you don’t understand it?

Things are changing faster than ever before. Old ways of doing business are dying daily. Don’t be left behind!

Just because you haven’t shopped or don’t shop online for your household items YET doesn’t mean it won’t be EXACTLY what your busy life is looking for!

I love shopping online for all of my household items, let me help you get started.


Shopping online for wellness

Fourteen years ago I took out a membership for an amazing online wellness shopping club. I was a bit skeptical at first, but friends were adamant that I needed this. Being that I had always been a catalog shopper and was enjoying shopping online, I decided perhaps I would give it a try. But only for a few months. If I liked it it would be great, if not, well I’d move on.

it’s now fourteen years later and I’m still shopping there. I love the products and I love the company and most of all I love what it’s done for my health! Some of the priceless benefits I’ve received shopping here include:
• Better nutrition and nutritional supplements providing me with more energy, better sleep,, incredibly regular  bowel movements (IBS has practically disappeared!)
• Weight loss. Greater endurance, stronger muscles and quicker recovery time from exercise. 
• Improved skin, dry skin relief, eczema relief, reduced allergic reactions
• Healthier teeth, reduced plaque growth, whiter teeth and healthy gums
• A toxic free home, healthier and safer cleaning products, reduction in asthmatic reactions and reduction in need for prescription medications.

Not only that, I’ve received more than $3000.00 in free products over the years and more from this great company.

So here it is 14 years later and I’m loving this way of shopping. Why would I ever give up my membership?

Can you say that about where you shop?