Essential Oils: Helichrysum

Meet Pure™ Helichrysum! We love this oil’s sweet and restorative nature—not only is it a staple in many luxury perfumes, but it’s also been used in skin care for centuries.

Helichrysum is a highly praised herb widely used to help:

  • Bruises and wound healing.
  • Varicose veins and broken capillaries.
  • Promote healthy skin.
  • Improve healing in bruises and wounds.
  • Reduce pain in joints.
  • Promote respiratory health.

Personality: Healing with a stimulating yet gentle character 
Favorite Color: Gold 
Aroma: A little bit earthy, a little bit herby, and always sweet 
Best Trait: The lifelong friend of your Sei Bella® skin care routine! 
Comes From: Croatia 
Cool Fact: Helichrysum is called “Immortelle” or “Everlasting Flower” because even after death, the flowers that this oil is distilled from retain their vibrant yellow color! In ancient Greece, helichrysum oil was applied to wounds after battle. 

Usage Ideas 

  • Diffuse to Invigorate: Diffuse 3–5 drops of Pure™ Helichrysum in your study or office to invigorate your senses during a busy day. 
  • Add 1–2 drops to a quarter-sized amount of your facial moisturizer and get glowing!
  • Sweet Helichrysum Natural Perfume: Dilute 1–2 drops of Helichrysum with a teaspoon of carrier oil (such as Pure™ Fractionated Coconut Oil or Pure™ Sweet Almond Oil) and massage over your pulse points as a sweet and herbal natural perfume. 
  • Simple Skin Care Blend: Add 1–2 drops of Helichrysum to a quarter-sized amount of your facial moisturizer and massage into your skin morning and evening to promote a healthy-looking complexion. 
  • Soothing Massage Blend: Dilute 2–3 drops in a tablespoon of carrier oil and massage the blend into your muscles after exercise or long periods of sitting. 

Dilute: Dilute as needed for young or those with sensitive skin 
Plant Parts Used: Flower 
Extraction Method: Steam distillation

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