Why am I up this early on a SATURDAY?  

For those of you who follow me, you know that rarely shop Target or Walmart for cleaning and household supplies. I shop with online Shopping Club that manufactures household products that are affordable and safer for my home,and…that just so happen to be manufactured in the USA. 

As for my family…if my Wellness Shopping Club sells it, well, I buy it from them. With over 500 products available and manufactured in the States, I rarely need buy anything from the big box stores other than fresh produce and groceries. 

With my allergies, asthma and eczema, I wanted natural, safe, non-toxic, effective and affordable products and it was becoming difficult to find in the “overly fragrant” cleaning aisle of stores that would set of a round of asthma I hated that. Plus when using the products I would break out in painfully itch red rashes.  I really hated cleaning because of that.

Then, 19 years ago, I discovered through a friend, my online Shopping Club! I didn’t overthink making a convenient, simple switching stores decision when my friend shared this Shopping Club with me. I welcomed the idea of a one stop shop for safer products.  Of course, I had some concerns about making regular purchases online, afterall, it was 2004. 

Things sure have changed! I keep a running list of items to get in my next order and love the products!

Some of the benefits of this shopping club are:

• Never having to read labels anymore, unless I want to read them.

• Convenient doorstep delivery within 3-4 days.

• Never having to forfeit quality because of cost. 

• Never having to worry about supply-chains issues.

• Never having to worry about the price going up so much that it hurts.

I loved this company and the products so much that I had decided to partner up with them in business and share it with others—and that has been a source of income for me for the past 19 years.  

One thing that makes me happy is that becoming a customer is completely risk free. I respect this Shopping Club’s honesty, transparency, integrity, loyalty, community, values and morals. I NEVER have to worry about any of my referrals getting hurt in any way by the company or products. The company isn’t going anywhere

I am so honored and blessed to get to share this store and enhance people lives with wellness. I will never stop sharing a store that continues to put their customers first.

This is so much more than amazing products and great income—it’s also about the friendships I have made over the last 19 years with like minded, positive people. That’s PRICELESS

It Pays to Learn How to REALLY Read a Label.

Have you noticed how Centrum has added these icons, suggesting that they the supplement helps with bone health, brain health, etc. They charge you more for this, by the way.

Take a  look at the label, has anything been added for these additional health benefits?

BRAIN HEALTH: If you want to protect your brain (or any other organ), it takes more than icons on a label. The supplement I take has an amazing ingredient, Phosphatidylserine, (which helps to prevent memory and cognitive decline), Ginkgo Biloba (which helps to promote serotonin and dopamine) and Bacopa (which protect brain cells from free radicals). It doesn’t appear that Centrum has added any of these to help with brain health.

EYE HEALTH: Lutein is amazing for the prevention of macular degeneration, and this label shows it has 300 mcgs. But research shows we  need a minimum of 6 mg’s per day of Lutein. Let’s do a little math…. One (1) mg = 1000 mcgs.
Six (6 )mg = 6000 mcgs. Centrum’s label shows it has 300 mcgs, less than one mg. Based on their technology, most of those 300 mcgs aren’t getting absorbed by the body. A person would need to take 20 Centrum tablets per day day to get the minimum Lutein requirement. That’s a lot of pills and expense!

My mother developed macular degeneration later in life and had what the doctors called “low vision”. She was able to prevent total blindness by taking a supplement rich in Lutein. I don’t want macular degeneratio to happen to me. So, to prevent it, I take the same  supplement she did with 10 mgs of Lutein, plus Zinc, and Zeaxathin— all noted for promoting eye health.

So don’t waste your money on store brand supplements. They have low absorption, synthetics, and they lack the necessary ingredients to make a difference with your health!

How’s Your Toothpaste?

Many people hate going to see a dental hygienist because  of the constant inflammation of the gums and other issues which makes dental cleaning painful. 

I on the other hand, always liked going to the dentist, I loved how great my teeth felt after a cleaning and I wanted to keep the feeling until the next cleaning. I had to do a lot of research on many different toothpastes. While some brands used natural ingredients, I felt they simply weren’t effective at cleaning and protecting my teeth—or leaving my mouth feeling fresh. I was never fully satisfied with the quality or the outcome of those brands,..

Then I found this tooth polish called Exceed. I found this tube of tooth polish through the Wellness Company 19 years ago. It has natural ingredients like xylitol, T40-C3® Melaleuca Oil (tea tree oil), coconut-based cleaners, and potassium. Not only is it great on plaque and tarter, it is also naturally whitening.

It’s a great price too, $4.29 per 3.3 ounces. I don’t have to make a choice between efficacy, natural ingredients, whitening, and great taste. I get them alI! I love this product and my teeth do too!

Wellness doesn’t need to be expensive.

Handling Nail Fungus

A family member recently had an issue with a nail fungus and the doctors put her on antibiotics which upset her digestive system and caused more harm than good. So she stopped taking the antibiotics. The over-the-counter creams aren’t much better, they can take up to nine months before a new nail grows in and to keep buying these creams can become quite expensive.  I recommended she try our amazing Shopping Club products…and let me tell you…it worked beautifully.
The first step was to wipe your toe down with Sol-U-Guard wipes.
Second  step: soak it in a Sol-u-Mel solution and
The third step was to  put a few drops of Melaleuca Oil on it, followed by placing a  loose bandage  over it. It took about three to four weeks for her new nail to start coming in. She was thrilled.

Solutions for those Bags & Sags around the Eyes

Yesterday we talked about what can cause eye bags. Now we know what causes them, here are some simple solutions to reduce those bags under our eyes:

Tea Bags: The caffeine in the tea contains powerful antioxidants and may increase blood flow to your skin. It’s also said to protect against UV rays and potentially slow the aging process.

Cold compresses: Cooling the area lessens inflammation and swelling by reducing blood flow. You can place anything cold, such as an ice pack, frozen bag of vegetables, chilled cucumber slices or refrigerated spoons, over closed eyes for a few minutes.

Hemorrhoid creams: Some people pat over-the-counter creams designed for hemorrhoid treatment under their eyes. Product ingredients such as phenylephrine narrow blood vessels to reduce swelling. But use these products with caution: They may cause irritation in this sensitive area. Also, it’s important to keep this medication from getting in your eyes.

Use a Neti Pot: A neti pot is a device you fill with a saltwater (normal saline) solution. You place the spout in your nose and irrigate your sinuses, removing mucus and other debris.

Stay Hydrated: Dehydration can contribute to under-eye bags. Upping your water intake should help.

Take an Antihistamine: Allergies can cause puffy, dark circles under your eyes. You may also experience redness or watery, itchy eyes. This reaction is caused by your immune system’s response to something that irritates it, or allergens.

Use an Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover: Using oil based eye makeup removers can create film in the eye and swelling underneath the eye.

Sleep with Your Head Elevated: Elevating your head helps to prevent the pooling of fluid in your lower eyelids that creates puffiness while you sleep.

Of course, not smoking, reducing your salt intake, taking antioxidants, etc all help to improve that area around our eyes!

How are your Vitamin D levels?

VITAMIN D is a super essential, powerful vitamin for everyone. Yes, you can get vitamin D from the sun, but you have to get outside and expose some skin for a minimum of twenty minutes a day. It’s great if you live in warm climates, but what about those cold, dark dreary winter days? It makes it hard to obtain it from the sun, doesn’t it?

Vitamin D been shown to prevent and improve survival in many forms of deadly cancer; it can also prevent fatal heart attacks; improve survival in kidney disease; strengthen our bones and prevent and cure depression. Vitamin D is also a potent weapon against diabetes; rheumatoid arthritis; Multiple Sclerosis (MS); high blood pressure; inflammation; Sjogren’s Syndrome; thyroiditis; Crohn’s disease and obesity—all of these have been linked to low vitamin D levels . The benefits of Vitamin D now fills volumes in medical libraries.  

Needless to say, I am a Vitamin D devotee!  I love bright sunny days and become sluggish in those grey days of winter. I do admit my February Blues have practically disappeared since I started taking Vitamin D daily. This one I use is working great for me, as the Vitamin K in it helps the D to work.️

 Check it out and see if your Vitamin D levels needed to be “fixed” like mine did.

Under Eye Bags…Oh No!

One of our members asked what do I recommend for under eye bags.

Well, before you rush and go purchase some expensive eye care product with a million claims, it’s always important to look at the root cause.

WHY do we get bags under our eyes?

SLEEP ISSUES: When you sleep, fluids settle in the tissue beneath your eyes. Getting too little sleep can cause your blood vessels to leak and mix with those fluids, leading to dark circles.

ALLERGIES/SINUS PROBLEMS: In addition to stuffing up your nose, allergies cause swelling in sinus tissue, which can appear as puffiness under your eyes.

TOBACCO USE: The nicotine in tobacco disrupts your natural sleep patterns, which can cause fluids to collect beneath your eyes. Smoking also produces substances that break down the elasticity of the skin and the collagen that helps keep skin firm.

ALCOHOL USE: Although alcohol is a liquid, it dehydrates the body. When you are dehydrated, the skin under your eyes becomes flabby and weak, causing bags to form.

AGING: As you age, muscles and tissues weaken, and the fat that naturally supports the eyes can sink to the area beneath your eyes, making them appear swollen. Fluids can also collect in the area.

EATING SALTY FOODS: Your body retains fluid when you eat salty foods. One of the places these fluids collect is beneath your eyes.

NOT REMOVING MAKEUP: If you don’t remove makeup before going to sleep, it can irritate the tissue beneath your eyes, causing it to swell.

TOO MUCH SUN: Sun exposure can damage skin cells and the collagen that keeps the skin beneath your eyes firm.

HEREDITY: Some people are simply prone to having under-eye bags because it runs in the family. If your mom or dad had them, chances are you will too.

Tomorrow, we will look at some solutions for bags under our eyes!

Essential Oils: Helichrysum

Meet Pure™ Helichrysum! We love this oil’s sweet and restorative nature—not only is it a staple in many luxury perfumes, but it’s also been used in skin care for centuries.

Helichrysum is a highly praised herb widely used to help:

  • Bruises and wound healing.
  • Varicose veins and broken capillaries.
  • Promote healthy skin.
  • Improve healing in bruises and wounds.
  • Reduce pain in joints.
  • Promote respiratory health.

Personality: Healing with a stimulating yet gentle character 
Favorite Color: Gold 
Aroma: A little bit earthy, a little bit herby, and always sweet 
Best Trait: The lifelong friend of your Sei Bella® skin care routine! 
Comes From: Croatia 
Cool Fact: Helichrysum is called “Immortelle” or “Everlasting Flower” because even after death, the flowers that this oil is distilled from retain their vibrant yellow color! In ancient Greece, helichrysum oil was applied to wounds after battle. 

Usage Ideas 

  • Diffuse to Invigorate: Diffuse 3–5 drops of Pure™ Helichrysum in your study or office to invigorate your senses during a busy day. 
  • Add 1–2 drops to a quarter-sized amount of your facial moisturizer and get glowing!
  • Sweet Helichrysum Natural Perfume: Dilute 1–2 drops of Helichrysum with a teaspoon of carrier oil (such as Pure™ Fractionated Coconut Oil or Pure™ Sweet Almond Oil) and massage over your pulse points as a sweet and herbal natural perfume. 
  • Simple Skin Care Blend: Add 1–2 drops of Helichrysum to a quarter-sized amount of your facial moisturizer and massage into your skin morning and evening to promote a healthy-looking complexion. 
  • Soothing Massage Blend: Dilute 2–3 drops in a tablespoon of carrier oil and massage the blend into your muscles after exercise or long periods of sitting. 

Dilute: Dilute as needed for young or those with sensitive skin 
Plant Parts Used: Flower 
Extraction Method: Steam distillation

Essential Oils: Frankincense

The human body is extremely sensitive to touch and smell. For years, humans have been consuming cocktails of harmful chemicals in unknown quantities, putting their trust in random OTC finds at the drug store.

Today, the modern day natural solution comes in the form of essential oils. These essential oils naturally feed our senses (with positive results). People the world over turning to essential oils as a way to enhance their daily lives.

With over 390,000 plants known to science, it can easily become overwhelming to start an essential oil collection. The world of essential oils is filled with benefits that vary from muscle relief to sleeping aids, to
breathing aid..

One of the first essential oils for the essential oil chest should be Frankincens.Frankincense is a spice that has been used for thousands of years to help:

  • Decrease visible signs of aging
  • Fight bacteria
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Reduce stress
  • Balance hormones & improve fertility
  • Promote cellular regeneration

Meet Pure Frankincense 

Personality: The peacekeeper—calming and balanced. 
Favorite Color: Golden brown. 
Aroma: Fresh, woody, and slightly spicy with a citrus top note.
Best Trait: Rejuvenating the skin and promoting a harmonious environment.
Comes From: Somalia
Cool Fact: Once worth more by weight than gold, frankincense was used by ancient Egyptians for everything from perfume to salves for soothing skin! 

Usage Ideas: 

  • Breathe & Rejuvenate: Rub two (2) drops of Frankincense into your palms and inhale or apply to your temples for a rejuvenating experience. 
  • Diffuse Inspiration: Diffuse three to five (3–5) drops of Frankincense to help elevate your mood and increase focus.
  • Ground & Calm Foot Massage: Massage 3–5 drops of Frankincense onto the bottoms of your feet to help ground and calm your emotions. 

Dilute: No dilution necessary, but dilute if you have skin sensitivities 
Plant Parts Used: Gum (Resin) 
Extraction Method: Steam distillation

Sun Valley Hand Wash

After working on a particularly dirty job, or even when my hands feel dusty, I reach for my Sun Valley Hand soaps because I love the smell and the way they clean my hands,

Did you know that Sun Valley Hand Washes Powered by Sol-U-Guard Botanical Wash Away the Competition!

They are the only hand soaps in the world that use the power of Sol-U-Guard Botanical’s thyme oil and citric acid to effectively wash away dirt and germs. Unlike many other brands, these products have no parabens, no formaldehyde, and no phthalates. But that’s not where the difference ends…with glycerin and aloe, they also leave your hands feeling softer after every wash.

That’s why Sun Valley Hand Washes Powered by Sol-U-Guard Botanical are such great products for families and anyone who wants clean healthy hand cleaners.

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