Handling Nail Fungus

A family member recently had an issue with a nail fungus and the doctors put her on antibiotics which upset her digestive system and caused more harm than good. So she stopped taking the antibiotics. The over-the-counter creams aren’t much better, they can take up to nine months before a new nail grows in and to keep buying these creams can become quite expensive.  I recommended she try our amazing Shopping Club products…and let me tell you…it worked beautifully.
The first step was to wipe your toe down with Sol-U-Guard wipes.
Second  step: soak it in a Sol-u-Mel solution and
The third step was to  put a few drops of Melaleuca Oil on it, followed by placing a  loose bandage  over it. It took about three to four weeks for her new nail to start coming in. She was thrilled.

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