Why I love my shopping club

In 1991, I was introdced to a company where I could work part-time selling products that I loved and seeing others feel the same about the products.  Yes, it was a party plan, but those social times were fun!

I did well enought to get promoted, but there came a day that selling to meet quotas became a pressure for me. You see,  at the beginning of every month I started over with a zero income base — additional  pressure.  Plus, most of my earned income was not coming from the sales I made. Most of the income came from being a subject matter expert in the field and doing seminars or consultations on how people could improve their lives using these or similar products. That was more fun and being that I was a full time freelance graphic designer first and foremost, the work at home behind those successful years was too much pressure for me. 

So, in 2002 I walked away. 

After a two-year hiatus. A friend called and told me she found a line of safer for you, less expensive, better-performing products that Ishe thought would help with some of my medical issues. Doubtfully, I tried them,  loved them, and became excited when I discovered I could make money!  That fit my lifestyle!

This online wellness company shared its revenue with shoppers who referred other shoppers to the shop club instead of using paid advertising. Word of mouth testimonials and simple referrals are the reasons the company could use natural, better working ingredients and sell their products at money-saving prices. No paid advertising saves billions!

For almost 20 years, I have received a check every single month from my referrals.  Why does it work?  People love the products and 96%  of the customers I’ve referred order again the next month.

Would you really enjoy a check you could depend on every month that did not require selling products?

It’s an income stream that doesn’t interfere with your main business/priorities — it fits in nicely with my ilfestyle I know this residual income could take  me through my retirement…I thought my story was worth sharing and, if you’re interested in learning more, feel free to contact me.

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