A bit about my Shopping Club

I love my shopping club but did you know the number one question I get asked is if my Shopping Club’s products are more expensive or cost more? May answer is always NOPE. 

The dish soap is less than $4. The laundry detergent costs far less than Tide, and my other household cleaners that compete with 409, Windex and the like, are less than $1 per bottle and smell like botanical flowers

 As fo supplements, not only are the good, they are competitively priced. For example: Vitamin D3 is $7.49 for 120 tablets. I consider that a score! 

The company offers each new customer the “new customer cleaning pack”. This box of cleaning supplies costs less than $100 and comes with 30 different products , from windows cleaners to floor cleansers and bathroom cleaners to your laundry detergent. This box alone means 64 loads of laundry can be done at a cost of 18¢ per load. That’s some savings!

I’ve yet to find a single product in m nearly 20 years of being a customer that costs more than what I was paying before I switched stores.

This shopping club has: 
• Close to 500 products to choose from
• Walmart like pricing
• Whole Foods quality. 
• All products are eco-friendly and safe
• No price gouging.  
• No lines.
• No leaving the house. 
• No one has ever been harmed by these products in the company’s 35 years in business
• Products are so SAFE that Childproof caps NOT REQUIRED (that’s benefit for those with small children)

The best part?
EVERYTHING is delivered to my front door and I get free products every month I shop. Switching stores  20 years ago has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for me and my family. 

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