The first of 5 different ways to support your immune system is Daily nutrition and supplements. None of us get all we need from our daily diet. Even if you ate all the right proportions of protein, vegetables and fruits, you are still lacking because of the way most of our food is grown and processed. It is essential to find a quality supplement that your body can actually absorb.

I’ve been taking such a quality supplement for the last 20 years. It has 3 independent studies and a documented 85% absorption rate. You also need to be sure you are hydrating your body and at the same time providing it with essential electrolytes. It’s important to provide yourself and your family with healthy snacks and if you have to have a substitute for a meal, make sure your are picking one that is actually going to nourish your body. That’s why I take the Peak Performance Nutrition Pack (Longevity 50+) it works.

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