How much are you spending each month on groceries right now?

How much are you spending each month on groceries right now?

Two years ago the home loan interest rate was 3.0% allowing you to own a $700,000 home. That same interest rate is now 7.2% allowing you to own a $400,000 home. Maybe you bought that $700,000 home two years ago, but with rising inflation causing groceries and fuel to soar, you could probably use some additional residual income about now.

I’m been earning residual income for over 18 years with Melaleuca—a totally debt-free company offering safer, more natural, American-made products at Target prices. It never hurts to look at ways to earn some additional residual income and save on your day-to-day consumer products.

Are you open to a cup of coffee and some valuable information?

Teachers deserve better pay

Did you know that 60% of teachers cannot survive on their salary!

It’s not that U.S. teachers are underpaid; the median income for the country’s 1 million high-school teachers, for example, is more than 50 percent higher than that of the general population. But relative to peers with similar levels of education, teachers are falling behind. In 1994, public-school teachers made only 2 percent less than college graduates in other fields; by 2015, the gap was 17 percent.

 In more than half of the country, after adjusting for inflation, average teacher salaries have declined since the start of the century. In West Virginia, where pay has dropped by 8.9 percent since 2000, teachers went on strike in late February, forcing lawmakers to pass a 5 percent pay increase for the next school year. Teachers’ unions in Arizona, Oklahoma and Kentucky plan similar walkouts if their demands aren’t met.

Many have had to take 2nd jobs just to survive—this is true of many respectable careers that just cannot provide for a family these days without the help of a 2nd or 3rd income. Teachers shouldn’t have to work second and third jobs to make ends meet, as many say they do, even in states with low costs of living.

Have you considered seeking that additional job? Rather than have to add many more hours to your already stretched day, or change careers, there is an answer to helping supplement your family/personal income by helping others to be healthier from the comfort of your own home. One that I and many others are enjoying every day!  Sometimes it is just a matter of educating the educator!

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