It Pays to Learn How to REALLY Read a Label.

Have you noticed how Centrum has added these icons, suggesting that they the supplement helps with bone health, brain health, etc. They charge you more for this, by the way.

Take a  look at the label, has anything been added for these additional health benefits?

BRAIN HEALTH: If you want to protect your brain (or any other organ), it takes more than icons on a label. The supplement I take has an amazing ingredient, Phosphatidylserine, (which helps to prevent memory and cognitive decline), Ginkgo Biloba (which helps to promote serotonin and dopamine) and Bacopa (which protect brain cells from free radicals). It doesn’t appear that Centrum has added any of these to help with brain health.

EYE HEALTH: Lutein is amazing for the prevention of macular degeneration, and this label shows it has 300 mcgs. But research shows we  need a minimum of 6 mg’s per day of Lutein. Let’s do a little math…. One (1) mg = 1000 mcgs.
Six (6 )mg = 6000 mcgs. Centrum’s label shows it has 300 mcgs, less than one mg. Based on their technology, most of those 300 mcgs aren’t getting absorbed by the body. A person would need to take 20 Centrum tablets per day day to get the minimum Lutein requirement. That’s a lot of pills and expense!

My mother developed macular degeneration later in life and had what the doctors called “low vision”. She was able to prevent total blindness by taking a supplement rich in Lutein. I don’t want macular degeneratio to happen to me. So, to prevent it, I take the same  supplement she did with 10 mgs of Lutein, plus Zinc, and Zeaxathin— all noted for promoting eye health.

So don’t waste your money on store brand supplements. They have low absorption, synthetics, and they lack the necessary ingredients to make a difference with your health!

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