Gotta love Renew.

I suffered of eczema. My arms were full of rashes and scratches. The itching was unbearable and I was using Aveeno per a healthcare providers suggestion.

I was sick and tired of using every over -the-counter products out there and still not finding any relief.

It wasn’t until I started using Renew lotion did I find relief.  Renew lotion’s natural USP ingredients relieved my itching and inflammation in a few days. USP is a standard manufacturers have to follow to limit the amount of impurities to an acceptable level. Without the USP, there could be a concern regarding impurities but having the USP at the end adds assurance the product is as pure as possible. The Aveeno lotion label shows it doesn’t have this USP designation.

All I know s that with Renew I can sleep throughout the night without itching or scratching.

I’m one satisfied customer!

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