Great Coffee

The most popular hot beverage in this country is coffee. Millions of us enjoy a hot cup of coffee or two to start our day (or throughout). In searching for the best way to make a great cup of coffee we turned to (where else) the National Coffee Association.

Attached are some guidelines that the association recommends. Their advice in this article ranges from cleaning your equipment properly, to the beans, to the freshness, to the grind, to the water, including the ratio of water to coffee, the temperature of the water, brewing time. Some great basics that can make us all better at brewing that perfect cup.

Great coffee the NCA points out starts with great beans. That means that the beans you choose should match your own personal taste. The roast, the origins and even the preparation are matters of your own taste, so don’t hesitate to experiment while you search for you own “magical cup”.

A couple of years ago, my company introduced coffee to its wellness line of products. It took them years of research and tasting to find just the right beans and places that they were grown. The company is driven by quality so the research was an important part of introducing coffee to their product line.

They wanted to be sure that the coffee we offered was proprietary, so they contracted to purchase the entire production of the beans and the plantations they chose. Even the plantations and their locations are kept a secret to prevent duplication of our superior brand. The company did all that. All I have to do is enjoy a cup of this most delicious brew and it is priced so competitively that I am able to enjoy it every day.

Red Wine Has Many Benefits

That glass of red wine y at the end of your day or with your evening meal can provide more than just good taste. The article link below from Prevention explains the incredible benefits of drinking one (or even two) glasses of red wine every day.

Red wine is an important part of the “proven healthy” Mediterranean diet. Red wine contains resveratrol, which has been proven to produce many health benefits. It not only reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol, it increases HDL (good) cholesterol.

It protects your heart in other ways, too. The antioxidants in red wine can keep blood vessels flexible and reduce the risk of clotting. It is nearly as effective as an aspirin protocol without the risks of harm to your gut. Resveratrol also helps control blood sugar.

Resveratrol also can keep your memory sharp as you age. It inhibits the formation of beta-amyloid protein that causes plaque in the brain and has been connected with the onset of Alzheimer’s. If you hate getting sick, even things as minor as a cold can be guarded against by the antioxidants in red wine. The article also shares other benefits

The company I have partnered with has formulated several products that contain the good and science proven extracts of grapes so I am sure that I get enough resveratrol even if I don’t drink that glass of red wine. But who would pass that “life’s pleasure”? Cheers.

Growth In Tea Sales As Exotic And Premium Teas Become More And More Popular

Global tea sales have exploded as exotic and premium teas become more ubiquitous. Especially among millennials premium and exotic teas are more and more the beverage of choice.

This growth according to Beverage Daily will expand by 7 billion dollars before the middle of the next decade. There are plenty of reasons. Tea hydrates. It contains antioxidants. It is a stimulant, like coffee. There are more.

My company has just introduced a new line of premium and exotic teas that are all natural and delicious. They are so exclusive that they are grown in hidden gardens all over the world. So relax and enjoy a cup of one of the best teas. 

Essential Oils Sales Increases

The essential oils market is expected to grow to nearly 12 billion dollars by 2022. That is EXPLOSIVE growth. The uses for essential oils are virtually limitless. Companies are discovering new ones everyday.

These oils can help you sleep, relieve headache pain, relax stress and much, much more. These oils are steeped in history and go back centuries. These key findings will give you an overview of this incredible growth and some details about their use.

Needless to say, the processing of these oils is complicated which explains their relatively high price. The methodology of concentration of these oils makes a difference in the quality of the final product. When searching for the right brand to utilize for me and my family I was fortunate to find a company that provides these “mysteries” of nature at prices that are extremely competitive for oils (Let’s be honest, cost is a factor!).  The best part about their line was the certification of purity.  It amazes me how much marketing has lead me to believe things that simply are not true from other brands.