Blame And Responsibility

If you are in business, whether it is one you own or one you manage, you are going to make mistakes. Those mistakes are inevitable. They are part of your business’s and your own personal growth and ultimate success.

It is how you personally respond to those mistakes that can make a huge difference in your effectiveness as a manager or an owner. As this article from the Harvard Business Review states, playing the “blame game” never works.

Those who work with you and for you observe your behavior when a mistake is made either by you or someone for whom you are responsible. If you assume responsibility, you are not taking the blame. After all, you are the boss or manager, so you are responsible. Sometimes the blame does belong to someone else, so it has to be addressed. The way you handle it can be a learning moment for those you work with, so be constructive, not destructive.

A good manager or owner always creates a psychological environment of security so that others are not afraid to take risks because that creates the success of the mission statement. The article suggests that focusing on learning from those mistakes, even rewarding them creates a culture where no one is resistant to innovation. Blaming produces the opposite effect where everyone lives in fear and innovation is at best diluted and at worst invisible.

What Is Good Coaching In Business?

In the last decade or so, you have often heard the word coaching used when referring to management interaction. Why does the word coaching come up more and more?

It is a term that was adopted by the popularity of sports and the management of men and women on the court, the field and the rink. Our “adaptation” of coaching is derived directly from those experiences in person and in observation.

The attached article can help you understand more clearly the value of good coaching and what it can bring to your “team’s” success. As the author, Yael Bacharach, tells us: “if you listen, reflect, question and provide the right feedback, you can easily build trust in the coaching relationship.”

What Does The Top Of Your Desk Say About The Quality Of Your Work?

We have all been there. We sit down and realize the condition and organization of the top of our desk leaves something to be desired. Don’t be too tough on yourself it happens to all of us, at least from time to time.

The top of your desk DOES say something about you. Neatness can mean you are goal oriented or driven to succeed. While a messy or disorganized desk can indicate a creative thinker that can find untraditional ways to get things accomplished.

I am fortunate that the company that I represent has leaders that coach feverishly and diligently to the point where they have created a web-based system of organization that is customized for the organization of my business. The result? I am able to keep a routine, which gives me a sense of security unmatched to any other career in which I have been involved. It allows me to duplicate and that repetition makes me better at my job and at leading my people. 

Advantages To The Mentor, The Mentee And The Organization

You will hear it often from professional and college athletes, “one of the things I am here for and enjoy most is helping the younger players on and off the field.” Management (and coaches) appreciate it and many times reward it.

This article explains the advantages and some of the details. Mentoring (coaching) improves the company’s culture as it aids employee growth and development. It adds to professional satisfaction among employees (mentees) and the mentors, themselves. Overall employee moral improves and, as a result, the whole organization improves its’ chances of achieving their goals. These are all good things for you and your business.

I’m associated with a company that structures its’ entire business model on the concepts of mentoring and coaching. Compared to the traditional business structure in which I used to work, this encouragement to help others succeed has made ME more successful and has made my endeavors more satisfying and more lucrative, as well. So find a mentor or someone to mentor. You will improve every day as a result.