Growth In E-Commerce Fuels Sam’s Closings

Shifts in purchasing from “brick and mortar” to e-commerce are undeniable, as the below article from Business Insider articulates. E-commerce sales are up by 15.5% from just a year ago. It predicts it will continue to take market share in the future.

This also factors in certain purchases that are not conducive to online purchase for various reasons. Those “resistant” sectors make up about 54% of total retail sales, so, for now, the growth of e-commerce is based on about 46% of available markets of conquest.

The resistant sectors include: new and used vehicle sales 21% (searching and pricing do not include purchasing), grocery and beverage purchases 12.6% (although some chains are taking a second pass at converting this sector with improved logistics methodology), gasoline sales 8%, and restaurant and bar purchases 12%.

Recently, it was announced that Sam’s Club, a division of Walmart, has made the decision to close 63 of its sales locations. It will convert about a dozen of those locations into—yes, you guessed it—internet sales warehouses, the USA Today inclusion below will give you the details.

It certainly looks like we can look forward to more closings of brick and mortar operations as we move into the future because of additional penetration. Although this process will be slow, it will be further fueled by retailers figuring out ways (and they will) to convert those “resistant” markets, over time.

What all this indicates is that businesses are finally catching up to the forward thinkers of the world. The company I purchase from started over 30-years ago with an e-commerce philosophy and is now one of the largest in the world with over $2 billion in annual revenue. Forward thinkers with amazing products and shopping options…just a few of the many reasons I love shopping there!

Appointment Setters Wanted

My company is in need of ambitious, computer-savvy people available to work from home. This opportunity is only available to people in the USA or Canada who have a computer or smart phone. Startup extremely inexpensive.  Monthly pay for serious workers!

I am an entrepreneur.⠀

For some, hearing this word sparks many different thoughts, feelings or emotions.
As an entrepreneur, we endure quite a few things. Some good, many not so good.

All we ask is that you be nice to entrepreneurs. We are out there creating and building something for our families. Not all of us are money-hungry ogres. Use your judgment. We’re working hard, love what we do and are sharing it with others.⠀Just like any other career choice, entrepreneurship requires us to do the work, put in the effort and show up. Most times more work and effort than other positions.⠀

This is a very EMOTIONAL field. How? Well, We will deal with many types of people who will do their best to derail our success. Sometimes unintentional, yet often intentional. People will be rude, disrespectful of our time, and can be unsupportive.⠀

We are required to put in hours at various times of the day. We go to bed in the wee hours of the morning and wake up a few hours later. We often work during holidays, sacrifice family functions, vacations, outings and milestones. Most of the time, we realize the sacrifices are temporary and must be made to achieve our long-term goals.⠀

We are continually tested. We have many days we want to quit and go back to what seems like the “norm”, but we soldier on.⠀

This path isn’t for everyone. Many  quit even before they start. You have to ask yourself if the time, effort, sacrifice is really worth it? For many, the answer is no. For the select few, the answer every time is YES!!!⠀

At the end of the day, you have a choice – build your future or work for someone else and help them build theirs.⠀

The choice is ours.

Impact Of Product Packaging On The Environment

In these times, when the environment is such an important concern, product packaging rightfully deserves some focus, as the attached article points out. For years manufacturers have made decisions regarding product freshness and protection. A proper balance in their decisions must be made or the protections we seek for quality will simply wind up in the garbage.

Companies have begun concentrating products to decrease packaging size and reduce waste. This is only one step. Recyclable packaging is another. As time goes by additional innovations will abound. I have been successful in finding companies that prioritize reducing their waste into the environment. It is our personal responsibility to the earth. What do you do to reduce your carbon footprint? 

Does the concept of earning a secondary income from home intrigue you?

Let’s face it; there are many inviting things about a work from home opportunity.

Flexibility of your schedule, earning while you sleep, living debt free, being your own boss etc.  I am sure you have heard all the promises before but something has you skeptical. GOOD FOR YOU! There is a lot of reason to have that doubt!  News paper articles about the FTC shutting businesses down for bad practices, stories of people getting scammed out of investment money, stocking a crap load of product only to be stuck with it and sometimes even seemingly legit opportunities that have made many people money close their doors leaving thousands with shattered dreams. I’m here to tell you that it is not all bad!

My good friend Ed Bestoso shares with us in this quick 2 minute video a few of the reasons you should review when looking at different companies.  We are doing things for the right reasons with the right formula and the right way! If it makes sense to you, I have a checklist after the video to help you determine if you already shop for these products.





Do your research


Range Of Cost To Start An At Home Business

If you are thinking about starting your own business from home, this article will give you some valuable input. According to this SBA consultant, you can expect to invest at least $1000-$5000. Depending on the business it could be much more. There are also some collateral costs as well.

I was fortunate to find a business that allowed me to invest between $19 and $300 and it was all refundable within 90 days, if it didn’t suit me. The company is over 30 years old and boasts 1.5 billion in annual income.

The company also provides me with accounting, distribution, fulfillment, and new product development among dozens of support items, all at no charge. Below is a short video that includes a list of requirements I used to determine which company was most fitting for me.

Are you paying attention?

Point 1 – Established Track Record. Not only are we 31-years-old with consistent growth, but we just closed out our largest growth ever (32% GROWTH)! Wall Street would eat this company up – but that won’t happen. We are only able to stay true to our program, our customers and the mission statement if we are not clouded by the influence of investors.

Point 2 – Financially Sound. To our first point about Wall Street – We don’t need them! We have developed the infrastructure to grow by another 200% and it is all paid for by cash. When you have a vision and have planned appropriately for that vision that is when something special happens.

We are all very proud of this, but what does it really mean to you? If I didn’t know anything about this company and I was looking to better my personal future, I would spend a little time asking a few questions. Since this growth and stability has been built on helping people live healthier lives – there is something for everyone!

The old phrase is, “only time will tell”. Well time is talking, and this year it is talking about growth! When I was was first introduced to this online shopping club these 12 points of interest were shared with me (View article – Does the concept of working from home intrigue you). Two of these points are related to the financial stability of the company and ring even more true today than they did 5 years ago.

Great Coffee

The most popular hot beverage in this country is coffee. Millions of us enjoy a hot cup of coffee or two to start our day (or throughout). In searching for the best way to make a great cup of coffee we turned to (where else) the National Coffee Association.

Attached are some guidelines that the association recommends. Their advice in this article ranges from cleaning your equipment properly, to the beans, to the freshness, to the grind, to the water, including the ratio of water to coffee, the temperature of the water, brewing time. Some great basics that can make us all better at brewing that perfect cup.

Great coffee the NCA points out starts with great beans. That means that the beans you choose should match your own personal taste. The roast, the origins and even the preparation are matters of your own taste, so don’t hesitate to experiment while you search for you own “magical cup”.

A couple of years ago, my company introduced coffee to its wellness line of products. It took them years of research and tasting to find just the right beans and places that they were grown. The company is driven by quality so the research was an important part of introducing coffee to their product line.

They wanted to be sure that the coffee we offered was proprietary, so they contracted to purchase the entire production of the beans and the plantations they chose. Even the plantations and their locations are kept a secret to prevent duplication of our superior brand. The company did all that. All I have to do is enjoy a cup of this most delicious brew and it is priced so competitively that I am able to enjoy it every day.

Blame And Responsibility

If you are in business, whether it is one you own or one you manage, you are going to make mistakes. Those mistakes are inevitable. They are part of your business’s and your own personal growth and ultimate success.

It is how you personally respond to those mistakes that can make a huge difference in your effectiveness as a manager or an owner. As this article from the Harvard Business Review states, playing the “blame game” never works.

Those who work with you and for you observe your behavior when a mistake is made either by you or someone for whom you are responsible. If you assume responsibility, you are not taking the blame. After all, you are the boss or manager, so you are responsible. Sometimes the blame does belong to someone else, so it has to be addressed. The way you handle it can be a learning moment for those you work with, so be constructive, not destructive.

A good manager or owner always creates a psychological environment of security so that others are not afraid to take risks because that creates the success of the mission statement. The article suggests that focusing on learning from those mistakes, even rewarding them creates a culture where no one is resistant to innovation. Blaming produces the opposite effect where everyone lives in fear and innovation is at best diluted and at worst invisible.

Anxiety Can Be Your Biggest Enemy

All of us experience anxiety to some degree and from time to time. In our business, the business of marketing, you are marketing yourself and your company’s products or services. If your anxiety occurs often and is significant enough, it can become an overwhelming obstacle. The longer it continues at that level the worse it can—and will—get.

Anxiety will not go away by itself. Like everything in life and your career, you must take positive personal steps to overcome it. Your personal and professional life will suffer immensely if you don’t do something to address it. The below article contains some exercises that can and will help you. You need to retrain your brain.

There are some interesting perspectives here that can really help.
They fall into several categories that begin with:
Don’t even talk to anyone, and then talk to people while eliminating any chance of rejection.
Be curious and ask genuine questions. The answers will follow, easily.
Quiet your mental chatter in that moment. Your self-talk is more powerful than you think.
Have fun play games and even bet your friends.
Avoid over thinking.
Fear is a gift of life. It means you’re still alive; you’re still breathing (even if it is heavy).

Like many lines of work, rejection exists within my business and therefore I am exposed to anxiety-related situations regularly. There is no question that approaching someone that I find attractive as a potential customer can trigger those feelings of anxiety. I HAVE TO overcome them. It is my livelihood. Remember, yes is a good answer, but no can be good because it is one step closer to the next yes. Do some positive things today that will help you overcome and enjoy a better life and career. Don’t let anxiety win. It is the most important battle you will fight.